Where to eat arepas in Seville

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Although there is some controversy about their origin, arepas are a staple in the kitchens of Venezuela and Colombia. They are made with a dough of precooked corn and water that is grilled and there is no end thanks to its drinks.

Although they entered the Sevillian hotel industry, little by little they entered the food of our city until they gained many followers. Thanks to that, now we can see them in different types of restaurants, from Latin American ones only to those with international influence who drink from the food of the world .

At GURMÉ we offer you a list of twelve restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy arepas in Seville.

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This store on Calle Feria has a proposal that invites you to travel around the world. Among its dishes, we find the classic Brazilian “päo de queijo” -bread rolls filled with cheese made from tapioca flour – to Indian samosas, Japanese gyozas or stuffed pita bread. But if something stands out from their menu, these are the arepas, where they have up to six options: eggplant, guacamole, carnitas, cheek, chicken and guacamole , and beef.

Address: Calle Feria, 98 – Nave 2, posts 92, 93 and 99

Telephone: 623 03 55 30

rice woman

The fusion cuisine restaurant – the second one run by Yim Toledo and Eli Pérez, who also serves “Mango con sal” – proposes a journey of sweets where you will find dishes that have an impact international influences, such as ceviches, wontons or paellas. However, the central axis of his food is Venezuelan and that is where his mini arepitas stand out.

They come in two flavors: “Reina Pepiada”, with guacamole, chicken and mayonnaise, and “pelúa”, with Venezuelan-style shredded beef. Also, they have vegan options and their menu is adapted for celiacs.

Address: Calle Zaragoza, 64

Telephone: 854 73 70 39

Carayaca Bar

Carayaca Bar has three places where you can enjoy its Venezuelan cuisine. In its menu you can find dishes from Latin American countries, such as patacones – also known as tostones – which are fried green plantain pancakes served with different toppings, cachapas, a group of corn tender in a circle mixed with sugar, egg and flour that different filling is added, or their mythical arepas, there are up to seven options to choose from.

Among them, “pelúa” stands out, with frayed beef and gouda cheese, “pabellón”, with black beans, frayed beef, ripe plantain and gouda cheese, the classic “Reina Pepiada” and “Andalusian”, a wink to . our country with a stuffing of the cheeks in red wine and gouda cheese.

Address: Alameda de Hércules, 43 / Calle León XII 07 / Calle Albaida, 43

Telephone: 632 25 27 7

the ispazo

In the heart of the Macarena neighborhood you will find a restaurant whose name is already announced on the brand: although there are other Venezuelan dishes, people come here to eat arepas.

With about twenty-five fillings, you have a large repertoire of arepas to choose from. We suggest a few so that you can whet your appetite: vegan one – one of the most productive – with avocado, black beans, yucca and sweet plantain, “dominoes”, with black beans and cheese, “arepazo” “, with chicken, shredded beef, yellow or white cheese and avocado, pork rinds or “sabrosita”, with ham, yellow cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and cocktail sauce.

Address: Autumn Street, 1


Habanita is a small restaurant with a terrace in the historic center of Seville, close to Plaza de la Alfalfa and a few minutes from Plaza del Salvador and Plaza de la Encarnación (Las Setas).

His culinary philosophy focuses on healthy food, including vegetarian and gluten-free options, which combine meat, Mediterranean and international dishes, and comments good with Caribbean characters. Among them are food products, which can be made with mincemeat, beans, beans with mincemeat or old clothes.

Address: Callejón Golfo, 3

Telephone: 606 71 64 56

mango with salt

Next to Plaza Nueva, you will find this healthy place where you will find a variety of salads, sandwiches and, of course, arepas.

You can choose different products, such as “Miss Piggy” arepa, with pork, barbecue sauce and cheese, “pelúa” of frayed beef and cheese, a vegetarian with mozzarella, avocado and tomato or a vegan one with tofu. , tomatoes and avocado. You can order mini arepitas that are ideal for sharing, where they serve you five or eight units.

Address: Calle Barcelona, ​​​​5, village A

Margaret 33

The Triana market is full of shops where you can enjoy a variety of food. Among them, we see the recommendation of Majarete 33, a fully Venezuelan restaurant that offers dishes of the Caribbean country’s cuisine: corn flour empanadas, tequeños and many classic arepas, such as ” sifrina”, “domino”, “carita” or “Reina Pepiada”, and other lesser ones, such as “Perico” arepa with scrambled eggs, fried peppers, tomatoes, onions and peppers.

In addition, his menu is complete with many sweet ideas, such as marble and Sevillian biscuits, tres leches cake, quesillo, suspiros or carrot and walnut cookies.

Address: Triana Market, Post 33

Telephone: 604 18 57 67

Vega 10

Vega 10 is a restaurant in Triana, very close to Plaza de Cuba, with tapas and international dishes, where different cuisines such as Moroccan, Italian, Japanese or South American come together. In his menu you will find dishes such as Moroccan pastry, swordfish tataki, beef wok, retinto hamburger, risotto or his arepas with pork loin.

Address: Calle Rosario Vega, 10

Telephone: 955 23 77 48


Outside the city of Seville, in the town of Tomares, we find Da Teresa, a restaurant with a wide range of food that includes pizzas, hamburgers, tapas and Spanish rations, to its Venezuelan flavors where we find the protagonists of this recipe: arepas.

They have about eleven types, including some, such as “pabellón” and “sifrina”, and others unusual, such as “cabimera”, a fried meat with shredded meat, strips of york ham , grated. Cabbage and salad., fried cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise.

Address: Glorieta el Garrotal, village 6, Tomares

Telephone: 955 193 206

the meaning

In the center, on Recaredo street, is El point, a restaurant with Spanish and Venezuelan cuisine, where you will find sandwiches, hamburgers, corn empanadas, iconic Venezuelan dishes, such as salchipapa or fried yucca, and of course, its classics. arepas with about ten options to choose from.

In addition to the classics offered by other establishments, such as “domino” or “Reina Pepiada”, they also offer other fillings, such as “llanera” arepa, with chorizo, cheese and avocado, or “sifrina “, with chicken, cheese and avocado.

Address: Calle Recaredo, 22

Telephone: 624 64 83 70

Avila bar

In the northern district, near Miraflores Park, we find Ávila Bar, a place serving Spanish tapas and raciones, as well as other Latin dishes, such as patacones, tequeños and, of course , arepas. You can taste up to seven variations to enjoy on their site or at home, since they offer home delivery on a major delivery platform.

Address: C. Victoria Kent, 3, area 3B and 4A

Telephone: 641 79 14 50

Hello dear

In Los Remedios there is a new place for sandwiches and hot dogs, which also has a variety of arepas. In this little house you have up to twelve options: beef, ground beef and pork, chicken or pork roast with tomatoes, etc., and vegetarians with tomatoes Chinese, onion, carrot, avocado filling, pickle. , olives, olive oil and Don Luis sauce. They offer delivery and you can enjoy them at home.

Address: Calle Virgen de la Fuensanta, intersection with Monte Carmelo

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