What is good cholesterol?

When talking about cholesterol, everyone will have heard that they are talking about bad cholesterol good cholesterolbut what does it mean?

Cholesterol is an important substance for life. The so-called good one is the important one, which is very important to take care of blood vessels and heart health, in addition to other energy.

the brain needs it good cholesterol in quantity to maintain the substructure and regeneration.

For example, the cells that allow vision and reside in the floating retinas good cholesterol, composed of Omega 3 and amino acids. They also need omega 3, vitamin E, and zinc good cholesterol sperm and semen. In women, it is necessary for the production of estrogen for the ovaries and sexual development.

The problem is when the body gets more bad cholesterol than good cholesterol. Cellular regeneration will not be able and the body is more prone to degenerative and pre-cancerous diseases.

The daily diet should include fish, mainly hake, cod, salmon, tuna and other fish that contain omega-3. You should have olives, avocado and red fruits.

Add seaweed and most vegetables, when you should reduce the consumption of hamburgers, fried food, grilled sausages and meat and animal lard.

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