The scary thing is why they say that hot dogs will take time from our lives

Indulging in a hot dog can mean losing minutes of health.

We always say that a eat the right food is the best recipe to have a good one Health. And although it does not mean that we cannot treat ourselves from time to time, there are foods that are more dangerous than others, such as hot dogs, which, according to research, reduce our life.

Another time we warned you about the dangers processed meat and overeating flour and fat. And that’s actually the problem with it hot dog

In order to better understand the importance of reducing their consumption, we will explain why they are considered food that is problematic for health.

Eating hot dogs will take more than 30 minutes of your healthy life

According to research by researchers of the University of Michigan, there are foods that can reduce the minutes of healthy life and other things that can increase them. Know all the details.

The scary thing is why they say that hot dogs will take time from our lives

According to research, eating a hot dog shortens your life by 36 minutes. But before you panic, start doing the math, and promise not to eat again, let us explain what scientists have said about the minutes of a healthy life.

The school has established a food pantry that distributes 5,800 meals USA based on the number of minutes of “health” live gained or lost per service. The report considers “healthy life expectancy” as an increase in “good-quality, disease-free life expectancy.”

So, that’s why they think that hot dog reducing the health life is because beef, processed meat, pork, and cheese are some foods that cause more minutes to lose.

Other foods that are not recommended because they reduce minutes of healthy life are: Pizza, because one eats, even of a vegetarian version, minus 1.4 minutes; an 85-gram serving of chicken wings will mean 3.3 minutes of life lost; Soft drinks, hamburgers and sandwiches are also listed as unhealthy foods.

The adverse health effects are based on the 2016 global epidemiological survey, as well as information on the quality of food and the environment of the food.

Food that gives you the opportunity of a lifetime

The analysis also explains which foods can increase your minutes of healthy life, and they are not surprising.

Nuts, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains provide the healthiest minutes.

On the other hand, peanuts, baked salmon, rice and beans have been associated with an increase of 10 to 15 minutes of healthy life.

Most poultry, dairy products, egg products and cooked grains fall somewhere in the middle of the diet.

The scary thing is why they say that hot dogs will take time from our lives

Based on the above, researchers suggest that only replace 10% of calories consumed daily from beef and processed meat to fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and seafood, a person can increase 48 minutes a day, and not only that, you will also contribute to the care of the environment with a 33% reduction in the carbon footprint of your food.

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