This is Lady Gaga’s favorite food to get energy before the show

The daily demands that Lady Gaga has to fulfill, make her take care of her food, although contrary to what we think, the singer does not follow a strict diet to lose weight , because the main goal is every bit given to him. with more power, give 100% of the level.

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To bring it out, the singer has a good friend and friend, chef Bo O’Connor, who created a meal plan for him, rather than keeping his weight, he made All foods are delicious, healthy and high in fiber. you should make your heart full for a long time. Let’s learn what it is.

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The singer eats three main meals and their snacks every day

O’Conner confessed to The Feast that The Cure singer follows a healthy diet during the tour, which is important for strength in practice and work. “Most of his actions are very intense, so obviously he can’t eat Doritos.”

Gaga likes to try everything “it’s fun”, so she creates her menu from country to country with available ingredients. “Mostly try to stay away from all foods, or those made with white flour”, choose to include commercial wheat products or whole grains, says the chef.

Start the day on the right foot

So what does Mother Monster’s breakfast look like? The chef points out that it varies depending on the day, but he always tries to include eggs in different ways or egg whites, more vegetables, other times, Greek yogurt, granola and different fruits . “When he wants French toast or something sweet, I make it healthier, more nutritious. For example, I replace white bread with wholemeal bread”, O’Conner said.

good health

Other foods that strengthen the singer are snacks, which his friends always alternate between sweet and salty. This includes delicious whole grain pretzels, crunchy cookies, snack bars, quick or baked chips that you pair with dark chocolate or almond butter. This does not need to forget that he must constantly hydrate himself, even more when he is on stage, because he drinks a lot of tea, coconut water or green juice.

“Gaga avoids juice. If you choose juice, you opt for natural products from kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, parsley and lemon”. O’Conner told The Feast, adding that at times when the celebrity feels weak, “I prepare a hot drink based on fresh turmeric, ginger and lemongrass.” This drink is anti-inflammatory and helps boost the immune system.

Queen’s lunch and dinner

Salad is an important food in the singer’s diet, “Always eat a salad a day, whether for lunch or dinner”, but they are not only based on lettuce , “These include other ingredients to make it more,” O’ Connor told People.

The chef also often puts a ‘healthy spin’ on other foods. Your friend loves hamburgers so he has some healthy tips for this delicious meal. “We make a recipe with ground turkey or chicken and add different kinds of spices and herbs to give it flavor and make it not boring to eat. We also prepare Italian dishes with good health such as gluten-free or quinoa pasta”.

He also says that the secret is “finding a balance between health and kindness.” No doubt, the famous singer is happy to eat while taking care of his body and health.

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