The restaurant in Salamanca makes the best hamburger in the state, according to the businessmen

In the special eleventh edition, the competition ‘Best Hamburger in Salamanca’ already has its new winner: the Meva butcher shop with the concept ‘Noble peasant’.

This competition, sponsored by the Association of Butchers of Salamanca (AESCARNE) and the Regional Federation of Butchers of Castilla y León, with the participation of CEOE CEPYME Salamanca, brought together four Last shop of Salamanca: Meva Butcher Shops, Rasán Meat Shop, Hergaher blood sausages and farinatos and Cárnicas Mencas

Finished with a measure of preparation based on lean beef, 10% pork jowls, caramelized onions, acorn-fed Iberian ham and sun-dried tomatoes, it is described as “a recommendation which managed to bring unity” to the jury created by Víctor Manuel Yenes, secretary of the Salamanca employers’ association; David Berrocal, chef owner of the Lilicook restaurant and Gracia Sánchez, president of the Mother’s Association.

‘Noble peasant’ has won the final hamburgers: ‘El manjar de los flavors’ from Carnicería Rasán, ‘Salamanca hamburger on a tray’ from Hergaher morcillas y farinatos and ‘Old hamburger’ from Cárnicas Mencas.

continuous improvement

In addition, the members of the jury spoke about “the high-spirited people, who put all the meat on the grill to give good hamburgers” after the first investigation How do chefs make their hamburgers raw, then. , spread them cooked and ready to eat.

Manuel Mesón, winner of the local level of the X edition of ‘The best hamburger in Salamanca’ with the ‘Noble peasant’ hamburger, explains that his idea seeks to show the public “the importance fear of the daily work of the meat and as a result. the difference between the big chains there “.

The butcher explained that the tender hamburger is “pure” because it has “beef, pork jowls to give it juiciness and with good spices to enhance the flavor of its main ingredients”.

a special letter

For his part, the president of the AESCARNE organization, Juan Antonio Mendo, spoke about the importance of this tenth for the meat market, since “it is important, in an exhibition in particular, the agricultural industry, and involved in the protection of this sector. for his important contribution to the work and the economy of Salamanca”.

In addition, AESCARNE would like to thank the collaboration of the Salamanca City Council in this eleventh edition, as well as the support of the professionals and schools that have contributed their sand over the years to do this event must participate in the event. the state sector.. Especially the Public Works Service of Castilla y León (ECYL), the Medical School of Salamanca and Santa Marta de Tormes or El Tormes Shopping Center.

The hamburger made by the butcher Manuel Mesón will represent the province of Salamanca in the autonomous competition ‘The Best Burger in Castilla y León’, which will be held this year on October 16 in Salamanca.

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