Keep. Entrepreneurs create mummies in Los Cuates

Business is a decision. This thought is what has happened Luis Mario Hernández Ávila, 35-year-old young man from the lake; in his life time of poverty did not prevent him out before starting his own business that provides financial support to his family.

It started in the gastronomic sector to take place in one Shopping; However, the financial need and the growth of his family is the motivation to start his businesswhere the well-known mummies and hamburgershave captured the palate of their customers.

In the middle of a family of eight, he admits that since he was a child he liked to have money in his pocket; so with the example of his mother Mary of the light, what he needs to be removed sent to his eight children, he began to work.

He started running on the block where he lived. After a time when his mother could not take care of them, he spent time with his brothers in the Salvation Army, where they gave him food and basic education.

At the end of this period, he entered high school and, in turn, entered worked in a mechanical workshop at the age of thirteen, help his mother.

The year passed and Luis Mario’s work was sent to management cut in many grocery stores and hamburgers, where he managed to gather his knowledge in this matter. It was there that he psyched himself, “If I want to be successful, I have to find it somewhere.”

From the age of 18 he started with the idea of ​​owning his own business; by selling lunch and washing tennis clothes. He became a driver and delivery man, where even his first daughter was with him.

He was a painter. He tried to enter the level of Security, without success, and even had a desire to go into the science of the American dream. However, his children and his wife are the reason why he refused to move to another land, stay in La Laguna and start his own business in what he knows how to do what, gastronomy.

‘The Cuties’ (named in honor of his two children), since he in the town of Tierra y Libertad, right in a gastronomic street where you can find everything from tacos, chicken, roast beef, hamburgers and all dishes.

He said “the two most requested dishes are “las Momias” (barbecue sausages wrapped in bacon with cheese and vegetables), and hamburgers, popular with customers”.

Burgers, french fries, baby back ribs, roast beef. Although it has been many years since he dedicated many hours a day to run this business with his family, Hernández Ávila’s entrepreneurial spirit made him aim to expand his way business.

“The hope for Los Cuates is the growth of the current business selling tacos, boneless and more.”

Since before I know that the way of doing business will not be easy. Fortunately, since he decided to start a business, his family supported him.

Luis Mario He was trained by studying economics and finance, rHe admitted that there were times when there was a struggle to support the business.

“Sometimes there are not enough sales and they just go out for products, the price of many products has increased and that affects; even not enough to support me.”

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