What no one can think that Dwayne Johnson asked when he went to the restaurant

The image that La Roca has is only achieved with discipline and those who have worked with him have recognized the effort that he invests every day, with strict deadlines and opportunities.

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Dwayne Johnson does not go unnoticed nowhere he enters and not because of devoting himself to the world of pleasure, but also because of how strong his body is, which is due to his good discipline and a promise that he does not lose at all times. The former WWE wrestler is also famous for it a strict diet and some very intense training to maintain that number. Now it is Stephen Merchant, his former director, who has announced the action behind what people see on the screens.

Businessman directed the 2019 movie Fight My Family With Rocks. In a recent interview for the Sirius XM show, Jim Norton and Sam Roberts gave some details about the best efforts that an actor should make in order not to lose his application: “He once told me that when he went out to dinner with friends he had to take his food to the restaurant and have them heat it up because you have to follow a very good diet“, he said.

However, His unusual diet continues:I remember having a meeting with him about a movie in Texas, before WrestleMania, and his alarm would go off at like 3:17 and he would go to the refrigerator and have turkey and rice that was ‘3:17 pm’ written on it. so I will just cook in the microwaveMerchants remember. And he concluded: “I have many rights“.

The former WWE wrestler also has a lot of energy to train, he even goes with his own gym because he needs his special machines and his muscles are done by combining them with good food.

In addition to the strictness of his management, Rock also has fun and, like everyone else, they have some “friends” to eat. For his first time at the In & Out restaurant, he ordered two burgers, large fries, and some tequila. He even shared that moment on his Instagram account. “A #cheatmealsunday for the history books”, he wrote to his millions of followers.

Dwayne Johnson’s diet and exercise

Since he left the cinema, Johnson has revealed many times some details about his exercise and also about the way he eats, with five meals a day you store more calories and protein to maintain your muscles.

Although it is true that he often changes them according to his needs, one of his meals includes a breakfast of oatmeal, egg whites, some protein and juice, as well as food Snack of chicken and vegetables, lunch of fish with rice, vegetables and eggs. , with a second collation of steak, baked potatoes, vegetables, and juice, ending with a dinner of protein shakes, eggs, and a variety of vegetables.

About your exercise, Johnson handles the stock market six days a week and that includes cardio after breakfast and weights and exercises. Then he usually does sit-ups so as not to forget that area. Indeed, it is the experts who advise you to make changes both in your food and in your exercise, so that your body uses the best of them.

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