RIP Foods raises €625,000 in pre-seed investment

RIP Foodsmeal starters that contain plant-based meat substitutes with a meat-like texture, have closed a pre seed funding round of 625,000 euros taken from Ship 2B Ventures, from the BSocial Impact Fund, an impact fund supported by the EIF, Banco Sabadell and AXIS. In the round they also participated BStartup from Banco Sabadell as well as business angels from London and Hong Kong.

The grant will be awarded to RIP Foods Increase its growth to reach more restaurants in Spain and double the team to reach 20 employees by the end of the year.. He also plans to prepare to present his products to retail stores, close business with supermarkets.

Also, RIP Foods is one of the three startup programs selected by BSartup of 121 applications presented in the second edition of BStartup Green, a program aimed at investing in startups that contribute to ecological change through digitization, science and technology old urine

RIP Foods’ current products include minced meat, burgers and gyozas, but the Spanish company has its best competition in the ability to produce products, according to its CEO and creator Kevin Forssmann. “A second wave of plant-based products has hit the market. The first generation was focused on pre-cooking and the meat industry, providing a solution compared to meat of animal origin. . The second wave of meat growers are startups like us, offering the best products with fresh ingredients.” Forssmann is sure that he is very happy about the closure of this competition, because it will help us to unite in Spain. We have already worked with the best restaurants in Spain to create products to suit you. Our customers want different products that only they have and we are the best partner”.

Accordingly Marc Sabas, Chief Investment Officer of Ship2B Ventures“to meet the goal of reducing the emissions that cause climate change, our society must change to support more vegetable protein. RIP Foods introduces the new product, variety and delicious products that encourage the use of meat instead of meat consumers, especially in dishes where meat is part of the recipe such as cannelloni or gyozas. The challenge of changing behavior is good, but it is also important from a climate perspective to reduce the meat industry.”


RIP Foods broke ground in January 2022 with its first product after nearly two years of research. To date, the initiative has been successful create a special formula, called Meatrix, which allows its products to imitate and be faithful to the texture and flavor of animal meat. Meatrix allows the fat to be encapsulated, thus guaranteeing a juicy taste and bite. The Spanish start-up is experiencing great growth in Spain, where it serves more than 40 restaurants and has monthly health events.

Global attention to climate change – and the need for people to reduce carbon emissions by implementing measures such as reducing meat consumption – is the need for plants -as another way to eat food. Marketers have responded to this pressure to change eating habits Funding billions of dollars for a wave of food technology companies that allow meat consumers to transition to a healthy lifestyle for the world.

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