English cucumber sandwich, Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite snack

Although in England they raise this sandwich, the truth is that we are talking about a very simple recipe that is what I call “not a recipe”. In my years in London I remember how these Cucumber sandwich They appear often during snack time and, if they do not appear, my friends prepare them for them. It is even said that it is the favorite snack of Queen Elizabeth II.

Many times they only have sliced ​​cucumbers and butter. But the most beautiful things, the ones that were served in perfect squares of tea, had a bad sugar in it until six years later I didn’t know what it was.

Then, already in Madrid, I was able to find them in Embassy next to his mythical lettuce sandwich; which is ordered every time there is a guest in the house to entertain the guests with some of their pastries. A very tender, soft bread that chewed on its own, together with the crunch and freshness of the cucumber is very good. Then the magic cream and butter do the rest.

The cream I am talking about is nothing more than that deep whipped and creamy spreadable cheese mixed with a little mayonnaise, optional garlic powder, a little lemon or lime juice and fresh herbs such as dill and chives finely chopped. He has nothing more. Well, don’t go over the sandwich because the butter should be the star.

If you like this type of sandwich, I invite you to complete your bowl of sandwich with legend, with some tuna and egg, cheese and tomato, ham with fig jam, tuna and blue cheese or salmon, onion and lettuce.

As I said before, for me one of the most important parts of these sandwiches, which do not pass through the temperature, so they do not brown, burn or stay crunchy, is the bread . It should be a crustless bread crumb, with a little sugar and a dough that makes all the bites. By the way, that the bread invited to eat does not have to be accompanied by sweets. It is important that it is liquid and not dry. You can prepare the sandwiches in advance, but do not leave them without the truth for that, so that they are not dry.

How to make a cucumber sandwich

Cucumber sandwich

Clara Villalon


  • Tramezzini bread, 2 units

  • English or Dutch cucumber, 1/2 units

  • Salted butter, 20 g

  • Cream cheese, 2 tablespoons

  • Mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon

  • fresh dill, 1 sprig

  • Fresh chives, 6 sprigs

  • Lemon juice, a few drops

  • black pepper, q / s

Step 1

It is important to leave the butter with salt in room temperature a moment before, so that it is very tender and creamy and we will spread well.

Step 2

Wash the cucumber well and cut it into thin slices. We can also cut it into strips if we want, but I always like to do it in slices so that the skin is not uniform. Yes, I leave the skin for the crunch, there are many people who remove it.

Step 3

Chop the dill finely and also chop the chives as small as possible.

Step 4

Beat the cheese until very creamy. Mix with mayonnaise, with black pepper, with lemon juice and also with dill and chives that we chopped before. If we want, we can add a little garlic powder.

level 5

On the first bread, prepare the butter. Put the cucumber cut on top and finish it, on another bread, with a layer of cheese and herbs that we have prepared.

Step 6

Close the sandwich with another lid and press gently, not too much so as not to spoil the bread. Cut into four parts and serve.

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