Virginia Troconis eats hamburgers to lose weight

the woman from Manuel Diaz He admitted that he likes to eat at home, with the heat wave he does not think to go out to the restaurant and the easiest and most favorite thing is to prepare something quick and light at home. Also, we’re doing full bikini work, so any light and healthy ideas are welcome. Virginia Troconis has surprised us healthy homemade turkey, zucchini and carrot burgers which is delicious and with which you can take care of your insects in this summer.

Virginia Troconis He told us today food guide, burgers of turkey, carrot and zucchini as well half an avocado and a good one Gazpacho refreshing first. It’s very summer that we can print in two easy steps and have everything we need to present a good body on the beach this summer. Discover the secrets of beauty including these ingredients.

Virginia Troconis makes easy healthy carrot, turkey and zucchini burgers

the woman from The Cordovan Today he wore his long shirt and spent some time making the best and easiest hamburgers. we only need one eggs, Turkey meat, carrot root, zucchini a bit bread crumbs, parsley And a little Salt. We put the chicken pieces in the food processor and finely chop the meat until we can create it with our hands, grate one or two carrots, and do the same with the zucchini. Beat the egg and mix everything in a bowl, meat, carrot and zucchini and a little breadcrumbs until you create a homogeneous mass.

If we want to spice it up, we can add a little more pepper, parsley and crushed garlic. We make a ball with the mixture, we flatten it, and voilà, some super fast hamburgers too not fat. Vegans can substitute the turkey for quinoa or pounded tofu.

Those Turkey meat is the one who has less fat on the market next to the chicken, if we grill them with a loss of fuelwe will get the food or those most delicious protein dinner. Virginia chose to eat them without bread, but we could have used a couple of loaves toasted wholemeal bread or of noob go with He likes to go with her avocado and a glass of gazpacho. Take a break to see Virginia hamburgers and point out all the benefits of added ingredients.

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