Nine farmers from O’Higgins will participate in Expo Mundo Rural 2022 – El Urbano Rural

– Fair for farmers organized by INDAP will be held from the 22nd to the 25th of this month at Estación Mapocho culture in Santiago.

Rose petal liqueur, green walnuts in syrup, dryland quinoa and handicrafts made with ligun rice straw are some of the products that will be presented by participants from the O’Higgins region of the World Expo 2022 “From Field to your table”, organized by INDAP. This farmer’s fair will be held again after a long period of four years on the 22nd and 25th of this month, at the Mapocho Station Cultural Center in Santiago; with the participation of agricultural businesses from different regions of the country.

Eight small producers and cooperative farmers Cooproquinua will join O’Higgins. Mónica Rodríguez, from Colmenares Mony Mony, will offer the best honey; while Emiliana Silva Ibarra, from Nancagua, will tempt everyone with her flower liqueur.

Felicita Moreno, from Chépica, produces peanuts on a 6-hectare plot of land. He is in charge of harvesting and producing fruits under the Vicar brand (by his daughters Viviana and Carla) in different types: natural, with salty and sweet flavors, with butter. “I am just a woman in the country, but thanks to INDAP I am now an entrepreneur,” she said. He sells his products in the market in his area and in the World Market in Santiago.

Another participant is Graciela Toledo, braider and artisan from Cutemu, Paredones community. With Ligun rice straw, he made belts, jewelry and other products, thus saving the tradition of more than 200 years; just like other Cutemu artists.

The novelty of green walnuts

Susana Coloma, from Nancagua, will participate in the World Expo, with her new products. “We are Fulgor del Alma and we are dedicated to making products with all the fruit of the walnut tree, while its three layers are still green,” he explained.

“We have 100 walnut trees and other fruit trees, which are always cared for and cared for; we only use organic fertilizers and they are the ones who send us the raw materials, in November. They are collected by hand, they are taken to the office in the same land. The fruits are prepared for their process of cooking and sweetening for 8 days. On the ninth day, packaging is complete,” he added.

He added that a product is made from the finished walnut fruit, the peel (pericarp), the brown shell (epicarp) and the seeds of the fruit. Offered in jars of green olives sweetened in sugar, honey, or allulose. It also makes green walnut jam, green walnut syrup and other products based on walnuts and almonds. “In all the models and presentation of the products, these are new”, he said.

From other regions of the country you can find oregano from Putre, planted at more than 3,000 meters above sea level; Andean quinoa, hamburgers made with goat meat; Rapa Nui honey, with aromas of dried fruits such as mango, guava and pineapple; oranges; luche and cochayuyo vinaigrettes, sea lettuce leaves and cochayuyo-strawberry and cochayuyo-raspberry jams, from Cooperativa Pesquera Flor del Mar; essential oils; calafate and mushrooms.

The ship is shipping to the port ExpoMundoRural, and expected to arrive there Mar 23, 06:00 pm, and expected to arrive there February 25, 12:00. Tickets have a price of $2,000 and can be purchased through the Punto Ticket system or at ticket offices.


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