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The best grilled foal cut is in La Cuadra

Anthropologist Marvin Harris’s ‘Good to Eat’ is referred to as the best when it comes to hypophagia. This is an animal that begins its relationship with man, since man is considered such, because it is the object of hunting in prehistoric times, in fact it is the most representative of this guise in the cave paintings around the orb. Such is the hobby, that in America they have disappeared and it is the Spaniards who, thousands of years later, have started the equine repopulation in the New World. At the same time, the horse became a driver, partnered in agricultural development, shared battlefields and forged empires with men, which is why he is proud to become a source of food lost in the ground for suidae, chicken, sheep and cattle; only in times of real need it returned to the front of consumption, as happened in post-war Spain after the Civil War. More than eighty years ago, when the quality of its meat was valued before a country that wanted to eat good babies and make protein and healthy balm for the elderly. Horse meat butchers have grown at that time and, although in recent years their demand has decreased, it is true that in some areas of the north and in the Provinces such as Tarragona and Valencia eat is always available and the product remains.

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Spain produces more than 12,000 tons of equine meat every year, most of it for export. Breeds dedicated to meat production are Hispano-Breton, Asturcón; Cantabrian monchino, Navarrese burguete or Basque potokka among others. Its cuts are similar to beef: sirloin, loin, loin, top, back, stifle, chuletón shoulder, needle, morcillo, fin, brisket…, and hamburgers and sausages are prepared with his meat. Foal meat contains a large amount of omega3, it is heart healthy, its proteins are the best, with vitamins and minerals in a variety and quantity, in addition to the benefits glycogen. It is the best diet. For this is added its sensitive and sapid importance, it is for this reason that in recent times foal often appears in the food of restaurants in the large European capitals and the Japanese have been importing equine genetics for decades to Japan with the idea. of producing meat similar to its processed wagyu beef.

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Among the recommendations that the Valencian hotel industry is dedicated to foal meat, beyond the medium horse meat with fried spring garlic that is often offered for lunch, the commitment to meat This is from the restaurant La Cuadra (C / Serpis, 2. Valencia). This is the bet of Pedro García, a Canarian who has lived in Valencia for a long time and he transferred his interest in his hospitality work to the chef Bárbara Fernández, with the work long in the kitchen well and with a good education in the work. for his back.

Grilled foal meat is the star of its menu, every week selects the juiciest and most competitive cuts to meet the needs of customers. La Cuadra has its kitchen open from the morning, serves a selection of Valencian esmorzaret, in which foal meat is represented in the El Potrillo sandwich, as larded foal with red onion, cilantro, arugula, lemon and homemade Creole sauce or the La Potra Sandwich, with fillet of foal with a sauce of roasted peppers and fresh onions. In the restaurant there are many more, I recommend Grilled Stone Octopus with Mojo Picón, Potato Soufflé with Egg and Bacon, Moorish Skewers (with homemade fish), or Carrot and Leek Croquettes.

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