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It is difficult to find such a simple dish that so many people like (and it is completely customizable according to our tastes, even vegetarians and vegans can make their version. vegetables). We are talking about the hamburger, and who will tell us that happiness is hidden between two buns. In particular, one that we recommend you prepare (if you haven’t already) is the turkey burger, a slightly lighter option than the others.
Turkey belongs to the group of white meat, like chicken. This means that they are lean meat and low in calories, very different in this regard to red meat. Turkey has many characteristics that make it very healthy. Its main component is water, because it represents around 75% of its composition. It is rich in fatty acids, which make the heart healthy, and therefore help prevent heart disease. It has very low cholesterol, as well as high iron content. It is rich in B vitamins.

All these qualities make the turkey meat especially suitable for preparing hamburgers that are healthier than the usual ones, usually fat and which should not be abused. Next, we show you how to prepare some finger-licking turkey burgers. You will want to repeat it… Sure!

Turkey burger


  • 700 grams of turkey breast
  • 2 slices of crustless bread
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 4 tablespoons milk (of your choice)
  • olive oil


  1. First you need to cut about 700 grams of turkey milk into cubes of about two by two centimeters and put it in the freezer for half an hour.
  2. We then go to make the meat, usually enough with three or four machines with a grinder. It is better to get a small one at a time, because there should not be large items, or they should be very small.
  3. So that the hamburgers are juicy and easy to eat, we need to mix the liquid, regardless of the type of hamburger, beef, pork, mixed, chicken, etc.
  4. To do this, place two toasts without a crust, cut into cubes, and sprinkle them with four tablespoons of cold milk. When the bread is well soaked, we add a small clove of minced garlic, and if you like a few drops of meat juice, salt and pepper. And everything is crushed with a fork to make a kind of porridge.
  5. Using our hands, we mix this porridge with meat. As the meat will be very cold when taking it out of the freezer now, it is necessary to put on gloves.
  6. When the mixture is finished, we can try a piece to check the saltiness, then we create some balls the size of an egg, and they are flattened so that the dough is well integrated,
  7. If you want them to make a Russian style steak, just pass them through breadcrumbs, eggs and again through breadcrumbs.
  8. And, finally, they are ready in the pan with a splash of oil.
  9. I will not tell you anything about the next dessert, because there will be people who like tomatoes, other mustard, those from other places, mayonnaise… Not about vegetable dressing, although the classics are lettuce and tomato. In short, the turkey burger is: quick to prepare, uncomplicated and excellent.

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