Mercadona is also wrong and one of its latest developments has caused controversy | Life

We used to make new Mercadona products to promote interest, but they are not always available and the hamburger is creating controversy.

In Spain there is a supermarket that is almost always recommended by customers. All the products that Mercadona puts up for sale are generally well receivedespecially when it is from the Hacendado brand, but in recent days there has been a negative impact on the hamburger.

Hacendado’s hake and shrimp burger It is the most recent in Mercadona and it is a product that has received an unequaled reception, but it will be said that it is far from passionate with others. The reason is not only in the mix of flavors, but also in composition and problems to prepare it.

As published with its release in Business Insider Spain, this is a product made from 57% hake and 17% shrimp. The problem is within another 26% which is the sum of sunflower oil, water, starch, flour… and sugar.

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The appearance of this sugar, which has also been examined at Faro de Vigo, is not liked. Some customers want a fish burger make the healthiest and best products possible.

It has also been criticized that when prepared they are hamburgers they melt in the pot, so it is a thing to make them go on the plate in a few pieces. Although in terms of flavor this is as expected, there is no incentive or surprise, as often happens with hamburgers.

However, It is shocking that sugar is included in the hamburger of this type when it is an ingredient that people have become more aware of in recent times. There are not a few who look at the ingredients when buying food and there are applications pointing to this task.

If you want to try it, the hake and shrimp burger is available at all Mercadona stores and for sale in trays with two units at a price of 2.95 euros.

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