This is the best healthy hamburger in ‘super’ according to OCU analysis

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Research by the Organization of Consumers and Consumers (OCU) of 14 second generation vegetable burgers sold in stores (10 refrigerated and 4 frozen), showed that proteins “not compared to meat” and they did not complete the preparation of the meat

The report shows that the proteins in vegetable burgers, from apples, wheat, peas or rice, are lacking some essential amino acids of useful substances such as histidine and lysine. However, they clearly show that they can get by with hamburger with bread, potato and carrot and cucumber salad. The most common fats are rapeseed, coconut or sunflower and two products including olive oil.

In addition, they are processed products, often rich in salt and with a long list of ingredients. In his favor, the reduction of the additional medicine is seen.replaced by other ingredients that work in the same way, such as fruit juice or fruit juice used as a color, as described in the June OCU Salud magazine.

Similarly, another point that OCU is important is its price, because it is different between 13 and 26 euros / kg, a higher price than most beef burgers from the supermarket. “Except in some cases, they are products that do not trust the taste: their color, smell, taste and texture are still different from meat,” said OCU.

According to research, Only three hamburgers are awarded in this section: Beyond Burger from Beyond Meat (25.97 euros / kg) -sold at La Sirena-, Meat 4 traditional burgers from Fry`s (14.77 euros / kg) and vegan Burger from Next Level Meat (11.41 euros / kg), that of Lidl supermarkets. Although the last two have good results in hygiene and nutritional value, respectively.

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