Be vegan and live 18

Passing the 18th without eating meat or other animal products does not have to be a problem. Here we leave you easy and delicious options to share with friends and family during the holidays.

According to the study “The coming Chile” by Cadem, carried out in December 2018, 1 in 5 people declare themselves vegan or vegetarian in our country. A way of life that is at times problematic but over time has made its way into the diet and lifestyle of Chileans.

Which is different Come in veganism Y vegetarians? both choose not to eat meat, however, the veganism is more strict because ban milk, eggs, honey and other products of animal origin.

This is why sometimes it can seem difficult to eat vegan if it comes to a home where the food is based on meat. But to make the character compatible with friends and family does not have to be a problem, except for this 18 that the idea is to celebrate as a group and have fun.

What can I prepare?

The general stigma is that vegans only eat lettuce, when there is a large universe of legumes, fruits and vegetables that prove otherwise.. This 18 will be family roasts, where beef, chicken and pork are common.

But for vegans and vegetarians there are also options: soy meat, legume burgers, tofu, seitan and Viennese vegetables are some of the options available in the market. You can prepare and bake your own burgers if you want.


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Dressing like mayonnaise can be made at home as well soy milk and olive oil. And of course, vegetables such as onions, mushrooms, paprika, Italian squash, potatoes, etc.

A ‘Plant-Based’ 18

On any day when the smell of barbecue in the streets of the country more than ever, it can still be seen a lot. And let’s agree that not everything is based on barbecue: Drinks, desserts and empanadas are important.

For vegans, the choice is to replace the ingredients with animal-free options, for example normal butter for vegetables, meat for soy or seitan, cow’s milk for soy or almond milk. So until you get equally good results.

If cooking during the holidays is not in your plans, you can find SMEs or businesses with vegan options that offer delivery. Also You can join meatless fondas, like the ones we leave you below:

Eyes: If you are changing

Going vegan can be a difficult decision, especially if you haven’t given up meat at all. That’s why We agree that if you are going to spend your first 18 without a menu, it is better to prepare yourself. can be done, consult a doctor or specialist.

Plan what you’re going to eat and do your shopping thinking about how much you’re going to eat and save money eat food. Improvising salad won’t make you enough and can leave you feeling unsatisfied, making your new lifestyle seem like torture. Check out the recipes on the internet, vary with vegetables and legumes, make sure you have fun in the process. Thank you!

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