Santi’s unforgettable XXL hamburgers in Adra

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12:32 • 15 Sept. 2022

Sad and days ago, Santi left us, at the age of 71 years. Many believe that his match is for Santiago. But no. His full name is Santos Jose Martinez Craviotto.

In the early 1980s, cocktails and music pubs appeared in Adra. Among them, a slide in which did not leave the generation of time indifferent. It’s him Burguer-Pub Santi. Anchored on Rambla de las Cruces № 13, young people can go in a place that has a special place for couples, a pool table and a TV room. Good and close family treatment. The hamburgers were very tasty, with good homemade meat and different sauces. With one extensive food of hamburgers, sandwiches, sandwiches or hot dogs.

The burgers are huge. Megas. Span Giants. For the most daring, it is a really daring bite on the first try. You can drop your chin.

The hamburgers are dressed with all kinds of ingredients to suit the palate. If you order a hamburger for lunch, you are so full that you skip the snack. Not even the most famous hamburgers on the market today can compare or envy those made by Santi and his wife Until the wee hours of the morning for those young people.

Businesses work incredibly well in good times and bad times. He knows how to stay in a good family name always connected with the hospitality industry in one way or another. Those Burguer Santi is a simple but pleasant place with good treatment. And where their ice cream and glass of beer have already received points before ordering.

Rest in peace. Great Santi. Like their burgers or more.

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