The new store stands out with the smell and the sign of salmon in Magallanes

stores honor, associated with fish farming companies, is already part of the very expansion in Magallanes. A phenomenon that by the way has not stopped growing in the last five years in Puerto Natales and Punta Arenas.

Australis, Blumar and AquaChile keep their stores open where they offer traditional and internationally recognized salmon, smoked trout, salmon burgers and portions, etc.

Today Magellanic consumers are increasingly aware that the best salmon in the world is produced in its place of origin. Research and international recognition support this. Each initiative creates with its own style and magic.

Places emphasize the quality of what they offer to the public and take care. The fact that it translates into decorative items with creativity and skill is not lacking.

In Mercado Blumar, the Blumar store in Punta Arenas (Ovejero 250), for example, recycled plastic is used to decorate the walls, large lamps and large wooden tables. The result of the complex is a pleasant and welcoming place for its guests. The store opened a few days ago and is already offering cooking classes and tastings to new customers.

“The store is decorated with good materials from the region, with recycled plastic, and it has 70 square meters,” said its director, Trinidad Amezaga. “It is not a restaurant but it is open to the community and suggestions, we will do cooking classes, tastings and other activities. We want it to be a living store,” he said more.

For its part, Australis has three stores in Chile, distributed between Santiago, Puerto Varas and Puerto Natales (Tomás Rogers 143). The Natal store opened in April 2017, while the other two opened in October 2018 and February 2019, respectively.

Today the Australis market is a place to shop for many locals and tourists looking for their salmon. From here it is also sold to some of the big restaurants in the city.

“It is a business but we also think about having a company in Natales. We want to be close to the community and we do it with high quality products that are the same that are exported to businesses most wanted in the world”, explains Claudia Knittel Stumpfoll the manager of the store.

The Australis store presents a stripped and modern decoration. On one wall there is an explosion of salmon cuts that help customers understand the type of portion they are buying. Its products include salmon fillets with and without skin, hamburgers and smoked trout pâté.

The AquaChile store opened in Puerto Natales (Barros Arana 77) in the spring of 2020 and has been operating ever since. The company has other stores in Santiago and Puerto Montt. Steaks are sold in this place honor with and without skin, weight and part of the Magellan salmon farm.

Throughout the year, workshops are held there, such as basket weaving, and meetings and consultations with local entrepreneurs and artisans. It is a place to think about this type of activity. A few meters from the showcases there is an open room with a large table that allows time for discussion and exchange.

“With this initiative we seek to bring salmon closer to Chileans, especially from the area where part of the production process. Also, with the point of selling this product we also want to have an open space for the community, create projects in different lines, get products to grow in the area, etc. From this place we also seek to have the place to present the Kawésqar culture, the people with whom we share the area, who also taught us about the design process of the market”, they show in the company.

Photo: Salmononicultores de Magallanes.

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