How to make a healthy hamburger in 5 steps

It is heard the word hamburger and started shaking. A frenzy of calories, fat and bad reputation fast food to the head. Enough! insists your brain, know that from time to time a healthy burger No need to hurt us. Another song is to take them as usual and put them on a diet day in and day out.

also changed the drama when we don’t know what we are adding to the menu. Maybe this is a good work of fast food, even in a place that looks normal. Despite the bad reputation of the big chain, it is true that in their labels we see more food information than at the burger joint on the corner.

It is common for fats to run amok and, in general, so is added salt. To stop it we can resort to domestic hamburgers, more ideas, cheaper solutions and where we better control what our favorite venial sin is.

In addition to this, the carousel of the obvious addition. A cheeseburger can be slightly better than a whole burger. At least if what we are doing is controlling the image or controlling the calorie intake. in any case it does not mean that we open the season with healthy hamburgers turn into a bowl every day, because they are not.

What is in our hands is testing where we can subtract calories, Analyze part by part, which is the caloric enemy of our hamburgers. Finally, we talk about a little more than a bread-based sandwich, meat – or other vegetables -, some sauce and a green part.

How to make a healthy burger

The idea of ​​eating a healthy hamburger may seem like a bad idea. And it will not be without reason, but in fact it is a source of carbohydrates (which can be good) and a part of protein, so nutritional balance is not out of balance.

Now let’s think about the enemies, about the extra things that can be eaten there for taxes It doesn’t need a lot of calories. Yes, let’s bring sauces to the table where ketchup and mayonnaise may be the culprit. Or go ahead and start using cheese in large quantities, the way to put oil on the plate without hesitation.

Step 1: healthy hamburger from bread

In recent times, especially in restaurants, there has been a proliferation of different breads that in themselves add more calories to the party. It usually happens when We saw brioche bun burgers, a little sweet, which already involves the use of butter or sugar in its preparation. If we want to remove calories, let’s do without them.

In addition to them, let’s think about how to digest rice. Even if we do not follow the FODMAP diet or there is no link to celiac disease or gluten intolerance, there are breads that are not well digested, especially because they use more yeast to ferment faster. if we seek artisan bread made with less yeast, surely we are facing a more digestible and healthy food that will give us a hamburger.

Step 2: Eat a healthy Burger with better meat

The more we control the origin of the meat and its additives, the healthier the hamburger will be.

The essence of hamburgers is in the meat, although we can bet on other vegetables as we have told you. If you still like the meat option, remember that What matters is the type of meat and how it was treated. To choose leaner meat, more protein and less fat, do it by using minced chicken.

They are not tasty, but less fattening. If you still bet on beef, do it always with leaner cuts and always choose your own meat what you want. Do not include ready-made hamburgers, especially because they contain more additives, preservatives and salt than necessary.

In the same muscle, even if it is not the same type of muscle, let’s keep an eye on the extra fat. We talk about bacon or other ways to fit calories into this equation. If we still can not pass without giving the hamburger a little grace, let’s find another way like turkey baconto the destruction of traditional pork.

Step 3: Cheese Be careful in the Healthier Burger

Two requirements of cheese in a hamburger: will wind and melting. We don’t have to follow both places and this time we won’t share the food, but dry cheese such as Manchego or Parmesan should not fit in a hamburger.

how about a lighter cheese burger
Fresh cheese or goat cheese has fewer calories than regular hamburger cheese. © Unsplash.

The very melting is, but in that case we also look for other better ways. We usually use block or sandwich cheese Most of them are cows and have a lot of fat. To find cheeses that are low in fat, the best option is to go to goat cheeses, even if they look like sheep. If we are not looking for dry, let’s go to fresh or soft cheese, such as mozzarella or Burgos, which are low in calories and not salty.

Step 4 – Stir in All Sauce

Mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup and, often, barbecue sauce are part of the main quartet of sauces in the burgers. However, the burger is healthy to go through exempt us from these products, only mustard is a fish that we can think of as healthy. Since then, fruit juice or sugar and sugar will be part of the monster to avoid.

Else we can join good sugar (ketchup and barbecue) or add calories (mayonnaise, because of its egg base). Still, if you don’t want to miss out on the extra flavor of the fish, it’s the best for bet on the hot sauce (always look at the label) because they seem to be low in calories, but you have to look carefully. Also, if you don’t give up ketchup or barbecue, you can bet on homemade food that you can control the added sugar.

Step 5: the green finish of the healthy burger

how to make a lighter burger
Zucchini is an easy and healthy way to add flavor and texture to a healthy burger. © Unsplash.

There are some vegetables that can flavor the hamburger without adding many calories, but not all of them, be careful. Thinking that caramelized onions or sautéed mushrooms become a healthy alternative is a mistake. Caramelized onions, for example, often contain sugar to chase the caramelization and the mushrooms join some oil to make them. In that case, what we will add, we must make sure that it is not cooked in too much fat, which in the end will make the dish.

Tomatoes, lettuce, zucchini, peppers, pickles such as cucumbers or onionsAlways sweet, they are a way to change the texture, flavor and make a healthy burger with a little guilt. On the balance of the balance would be, for example, to the fried eggs or the roast of foie gras, but we agree that we do not need to explain in a healthy hamburger.

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