Butchers used horse meat to freeze hamburgers and sausages

In this context, it is found in two food shops in the seaside resort frozen hamburgers and sausages, such as chorizo, black pudding, do with sheep tumor which was obtained from animal thieves. Six people were also arrested for the crime of increased concealment and the area was closed by staff from the General Inspection of the City of General Pueyrredon.

old horse.jpg

“Homerito”, the stolen and quartered horse.

In addition, the soldiers seized two trucks, several mobile phones, cutting tools, ropes and eight horses of unknown provenanceshow place 0223.com does.

“It is confirmed that there is no beef in the grocery store and in the house, which is supposed to be horses. They steal horses and sell the meat for sausages, hamburgers and sausages.”they are successful.

Review in one of the main pet stores in Mar del Plata

Also, The famous branches of pet stores in Mar del Plata have been inspected, although there are no irregularities and everything is in order, always according to the local area .

It happened later the first results of the search, are reviewed 16 grocery stores of the chain The voice. But in these places no inconsistency was found in any of them and the goods were in order.

Employees from the Parque Hermoso detachment, Departmental Police, Departmental Directorate of Investigations (DDI), Secretary of Security, Bromatology and Zoonoses also worked on the process.

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