MERCADONA BURGERS: Big disappointment with Mercadona hamburgers: “To top with sugar”

What’s new in Mercadona They always try to please their customers but, at this time, the most popular products are the fresh hake and shrimp burgers. About it, there is an opinion for everyone’s taste, but once again the criticism that it is a food with more sugar.

“A finished product, 57% fish and you call it hake? Go truño, on top with sugar”, commented someone very angry about the ingredients of the new hamburgers, which are reminiscent of those that Mercadona already sells salmon. “The salmon looks like a shoe, I hope these are better,” said another customer.

Many people who have tried them are sure that they taste good, but they warn that when frying they must be careful because they fall apart.

This product, sold in the brand Farmer, is produced by the company Caladero de Zaragoza. This company works with hake from African waters.

The composition of this Mercadona hamburger is 57% hake and 17% shrimp, so 74% of it is fish. The remaining 26% is made up of variables additives and preservativessuch as sunflower oil, water, starch, flour or vegetable fibers.

Both units come in trays and are priced at €2.95 It.

In recent weeks, supermarkets have also announced bacon on the tray (ready to eat) and vacuum. It seems that the fish section has grown in response to the demand of vegetarians and vegans who request more options without meat.

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