The incredible price of the most expensive hamburger in the world is even gold!

It is made in a Dutch restaurant with some of the most expensive ingredients on the market, such as white truffle and Alaskan crab.

In a village in the state of Gelderland, Netherlandsthere is a chef name Robert Jan de Veen who wants to revolutionize the culinary world. The hamburger has always been the jewel in the crown of fast food, but in recent years it has entered into more choices and specialties in the market. Although being gobbled with our hands, there are hamburgers that show luxury.

hot boy It has become the most expensive hamburger in the world, with a price of 5,000 euros. Jan de Veen33 years old and the owner of a Dutch restaurant from daltonswant to break the world record for the Fleur Burger 5,000, from 4,000 euros. Created by the French chef Hubert Keller, we can find it at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas and has ingredients such as foie gras, black truffle and Wagyu beef.

hot boyrecently placed in the Guinness Book of Records, is made with the most beautiful ingredients on the market: White Truffle, Gold Leaf, Alaskan Crab, Kopy Luwak Coffee-Based BBQ Sauce, Beluga Caviar, Wyke Farms Cheddar Cheese, Duck Egg Mayonnaise, Spanish Iberico Shoulder, Japanese Panko Battered Onion Rings, Whiskey Macallan Rare Cask and Wagyu A5 Beef.

The Dutchman decided to make bread for Dom Pérignon champagne-based gem and cover it with foil. Time before serving, after a difficult nine-hour preparation, it is smoked with whiskey. The Golden Boy is 15 cm long and weighs 800 grams. To enjoy this product, we must book two weeks in advance at De Daltons, in addition to paying a deposit of 635 euros.

The purpose of this gastronomic madness is altruistic. After the maelstrom of Covid-19 and its terrible results, Jan de Veen is ready to help from his kitchen: all the profits made with the Golden Boy go to Food Banks. It took the chef five months to create this hamburger and his first taste, Robert Willemse, president of the “Royal Dutch Food and Beverage Association”, made sure that each and every one of him the ingredients are put together by God.

With information from La Vanguardia.

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