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Relationships are always incredibly different when it comes to thinking about what to cook, whether it’s lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, or a fancy dessert. to enjoy during the day.

And the places to find them are thousands. From experts directly in the kitchen, to others where great chefs and cooks Argentina and the world reveals the secrets of the field.

On the other hand, the possibility that everyone has a good relationship with the hand has opened a new opportunity to share recipes. So, in Twitter, Instagram and, above all, in TikTokone can find the best advice.

This is the problem in the account Roque Sagona (@recetasroccoantonio), an old man with his grandson, who is all the rage on the Chinese platform sharing his recipes with corresponding instructions.

In his video, he can be seen preparing a delicious tuco, cutting some vegetables, and finishing one of his new dishes that has become all the rage: some delicious hamburgers.

The recipe, shared in two videos, has almost more than 40,000 likes on TikTok, while both are filled with comments from users who celebrate not only the process but but also the advice given by Roque.

Grandma’s Burgers Recipe

In the video, the ingredients used are:

  • two kilos of meat
  • Eggs
  • 3 minced garlic
  • An onion
  • Salt
  • pizza marinade
  • Pepper
  • Oregano
  • tablespoon of spirit vinegar

The first thing to do is put the minced meat in a bowl. Then, separate, put garlic, chopped onion, eggs and seasonings in the mixer. There, mix until you get the mixture.

Next, you should pour the mixture over the meat and start mixing by kneading. Using it, you have to make “meatballs” and then crush them and give the desired shape. Finally, they can be cooked or sent to the freezer.

“Delicious, delicious, and healthy. Nothing to do with what is sold in the supermarket, everything is used. This is natural. This is with your hand, son-in-law, so that you can learn to eat well. Cheap, healthy and rich”, closed Roque, trending on TikTok.

User comments on the viral chart

Thousands of users quickly left their comments on the video and expressed their love for Roque. ‘The most beautiful thing in the world to have your grandfather, enjoy it’, ‘Grandfather! A hamburger is healthier than a packaged one. Genius’, Y ‘Because my grandchildren don’t have their grandfather. I will do it for you! I don’t know about the vinegar, are some of them.

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