a new way of eating burgers

Capital Blendis a new brand of hamburgers that has arrived on the market as a great solution for those who love good meat, who want the best food for frozen hamburgers, with savings and wear clothes.

Made with the best cuts of meat in the country, they are explained in a simple process with a special “combination” proportioned and marbled according to law, prepare our recipes that allow you to enjoy juicy hamburgers, without additives, preservatives or colorings and without gluten.

For all tastes, the brand has three types of burgers: natural beef; beef with three peppers and sea salt, or Thai-style turkey burgers, cooked on the grill or grill and served on the plate with your favorite accompaniments. You will also be surprised to enjoy them in sandwiches, when you share happy moments at home or at the outdoor barbecue.

They are easy to get, by delivery from their online store, where you will find their milanesas and part of the clothing and accessories. You can buy them with one click on their page (with free shipping in RM), in restaurants, Jumbo stores and on Jumbo.cl.

Where can you find them?

JUMBO -Mall La Dehesa, Alto Las Condes, Costanera Center, Chamisero, Jumbo Bilbao, La Reina, Peñalolén, El Alba, Colina Valle Alegre, Lo Castillo and Los Trapenses.

Special stores

La Cotidiana – Poppies 1282. Providence – Napoleon 3140. The Count.

Meat Point – La Plaza 1250, H. Las Condes.

La Bodega Delivery – Luis Pasteur 6340, village 4. Vitacura.

Business Chile – Francisco de Aguirre 3570, Vitacura

Gourmet – Luis Pasteur 6093. Vitacura.

Gourmet Club – Las Hualtatas 8842. Vitacura.

La Carnicería Shop – Los Trapenses 3200. Lo Barnechea.

Patache Business – El Rodeo 13350. Lo Barnechea.

Pork – Lo Barnechea 1351. Lo Barnechea.

Patagonian Air – La Dehesa 4580 Local 5. La Dehesa.

WineContainer – Highway 90, Km 32.5 Cunaco – Colchagua.

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