Medicinal plants are available at home; List

No one denies the beauty of orquídeas, roses, gannets or thoughts, not so much Other flowers that can be decorated, aromatize, give color and life to cabath in the corner of the house, work or even the city streets. butThere are a lot of things help that can not be missed. The reason is because of great power curative that is attributed to them, who became friendsfecta of the kitchen and your best medicine.

There is no difficulty in plantingvar does not need a large space, with one or two pots for each planting may be enough; forwill depend on that request have them all.

Teakeeping them close can ruin your life easier. will no longer be neededwater flows to the store or place business to get it; will be at hand, new and free many dishes, medicineauxiliary or auxiliaries of beauty.

A few of these plants very noble, do not need much water or more cleaningRevealed, just a little bit of clean to get rid of some animalsBad, that it is light and enough land to give you enough The results.

This time don’t asknot special but funsas housewives what plants proven to be useful in your kitchen and in some places, so which they have decided to have in them garden Most of the time. One that reproduces a lot could easily be chamomile.

1. Epazote

The epazote is one of those herbsis impossible to forget in a few food, especially inadd skites, in cheeseDillas of flowers of pumpkin, in the Black beans, for a touch especially for tomatoes inchildren. Although it smells very good strong translation into aromatiVery special zante for a couple stews. The only drawback is that he could not have the whole year blooming, but can be left dry and store in a cool placeco.

2. Vegetable Basil

Although basil is normalflat of Mediterranean cuisine, yes widely used in Mexico for pizzas, pastas, salads, whatever mostly used newthat dries it loses its flavor and color.

This allows you to add less salt for food because it gives flavor the same, stimulates appetite, helps digestion, that’s why it is a surprise to taste a crema de basil, see it in good conditiondes hamburgers, in vinegars or oil.

3. Arugula

Others are not well known for everything is arugula, dressing of the pizzas that we now see more active in business and cencommercial ters, for their use in vaa variety of salads and side dishes give that special touch, plus gomany health habits, becausereduce the pain, help lose weight, slow down the process of cellular aging, fortathat small white flower with space yellow, sweetgo above all to plan inmergers bring the same time of day or help for pain and many problems with Stomach, doctor they always agree solve the statemagician, but also used for certain things eye conditions orI use it to lighten the hair. Yes one plant that we can live in at any time of the day.

One of the the good thing they advertise is that in time it is not necessaryopen it and find it some stems spread with great ease.

4. Pepper

Peppermint is also used for some of these evilsmacales, prevent disease whento eat on an empty stomach, but alsoIt is also very important in the kitchen, for some salad, like garnish in drinks or dishes fruit, in meatballs, mushrooms and ineven in drinking water as they can make the famous mojitos, where The leaves are crushed its characteristic smell.


Coriander is another herbbas that can be very goodner near the kitchen used in chicken broth, broad beans, lentils, where they give a special flavor, or what about guacamole, saltsas or usually as a fair couple of tomatoes for some enchiladas, meat and many others dishes. In this case it You can plant seeds in one a wet place.

Herbs are the same coriander, but mostlyIf selling to you has no basis, there is a thicker stem, leaves with spikes, strong green and fragrant sugar, it is parsley, widely used in eat juice, in a drinksinging water, in meatloaf, burgers, thin thin, among other dishes.

6. Aloe

Aloe is also available very helpful at home too Although it is often desired at large,enough you sow it in one wide cup pot where can be improved. It is used link to the business belleza, put in shampoo, they borrow the bones, support the coablood control and management High. It is one of the herbs that you can put it in the middle of the sandwhich no one else can see.

7. Prickly Pear


There are many herbs healthy, rich and useful for everyone people, who will be cultivated, worshipro some of them want more space and work. who doesn’t need itto have ready at home a group spinach, Swiss chard, kelites, watercress and an infinity of fresh food, healthy and free?


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