the sandwich with a reputation for health in Spain that is linked to tumors

Concern about our diet is increasing, especially because it is known that certain foods can attract symptoms such as cancer. In Spain, sandwiches are part of the daily diet of millions of people, especially during childhood and adolescence, when children from all over the country add their energy to the break schools and organizations thank you for these easy snacks.

The same thing happens, for example, with people who have a job where they often make physical effort on the road. However, the sandwich, which is made of sausage, is a bad snack that he eats we should stop in our food.

The main reason is that the consumption of cold products – that is: food prepared from meat that can be subjected to the treatment process and that contains pork fat, condiments or spices – have been linked to cancer for several years now. IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) classified meat as carcinogenic to humans in 2015 due to its relationship with cancer.

In this way, the organization linked to the World Health Organization, asks to “avoid” meat products such as chorizo, salami, fuet, sausages, cold cuts , hamburgers or sobrassada. Similarly, he also decided that there is enough scientific evidence to consider that Red meat – beef, pork, horse and/or goat – is “probably carcinogenic” and should stop them from eating.

“There is convincing evidence that the agent causes cancer,” said the report about processed meat. “This classification is based on sufficient evidence from epidemiological studies which shows that eating processed meat causes colon cancer,” he said.

The truth is that not everyone considers processed meat to be unhealthy. In fact, the meat industry has gone to great lengths to convince us that some of their products, despite being carcinogenic, are actually healthy. This is the case of York Ham or turkey breast, on its packaging “fitness”, or “silhouette”, or “low calorie”make us believe that they are healthier than they really are and are famous for being healthy.

The harsh truth is that the York ham that makes the sandwiches of thousands of children and young people in Spain makes them healthy. In fact, as the pharmacist and grocer Marián García points out in one of his new books, York Ham does not even exist. “York’s ham does not exist because the denomination ‘york ham’ does not appear in the law. The word ‘York’ looks good on some packaging as an advertisement, but it does not mean that the product must meet the requirements. It is not the point of history, like Jabugo. We can do some York petazeta and stay wide,” wrote the expert.

So, York Ham is not ham in many cases. In the supermarket we can see York-like cold cuts whose content of cooked pork is less than 50% of the whole product. So which is the worst? As García points out, the addition of York Ham, which has between 80% and 90% meat In fact, this is the best option when it comes to preventing cancer.

“Set to choose, the best will be the one with the highest percentage of meat. Because, although some of these meats are not something to write home about, the final product will have lower performancewith less salt, sugar, additives and other compounds that are more dispensable “, he added. With turkey milk it happens exactly the same.

Food to avoid cancer

In this way, the dieters do not recommend using the white bread that is normally used to ‘sandwich’ the sausages. The reason is that there is no other than the refined flour that is used for its use, which does not include all the grains and therefore, a large amount of fiber, an important nutrient.

As explained by García, the perfect bread will be made with whole wheat flour. “The bread needs only four ingredients: cereal flour, water, yeast to ferment and a pinch of salt. The ingredients that define the bread are the flour and all the frills that can support take it. But if the flour is not good, if it is white and uneven, everything is worthless,” he said.

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