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It is important to know how to make the best barbecue so that you can get the perfect flavor for your meat and vegetables. There are many ways to do this, but there are a few important things that will help you get started with your jewelry.

Here are 10 of the best ideas in real estate and what tools and techniques to use. Let’s see together.

10 tips for the best garden grill

  1. Choose the best grill for you

It may seem like general advice, but there are two important things that jewelry should be done properly.

The first thing is that you need to use electricity for the grill (or fire).

There is nothing wrong with that jewelry of the gas, but you will not get the smell of the gas. You can cook in the oven on the stove.

The second is that you need a cover.

It captures the aroma inside and keeps the temperature constant. And you can close it to eliminate the flame that can burn the meat. For example, one mr beef grill

10 Grilling Tips
  1. Use good charcoal for grilling

Usually when you are grilling, you buy charcoal on the run from the store. In the field we either use ears of corn or we use them when starting to go to the fire.

But if you are planning with what you want, this will make a big difference because the embers or fire you use can change the texture of the meat. You can choose:

  • Hardwood grill charcoal that does not change the flavor of the meat

Or the likes:

  • Grill Charcoal, Charcoal Briquette Type
  • coal for grills on salenice
  1. Place the meat and small pieces on the grill when needed

You have to wait for the right time. When grilling, you must be patient and calm, in this order. Pay attention to the price of pisco what are you drinking, yes?

You have to wait for the flames to go out. The embers should be warm white. That is, grayish white and when hot. Its heat must be equal.

  1. Get the best temperature for jewelry

The grill is similar to the oven. And just like in the oven, you need to control the temperature. To get the best temperature for grilling, you should test it by hand before you put the meat.

When do you put the meat on the stove?

Hold your hand over the grill and see how long you can hold it there (without screaming or burning).

  • 6 seconds = no heat
  • 4 seconds = medium heat
  • 2 seconds = very hot
  • 0 seconds = very hot

Grilling tips: One way to control heat is the half/half way. Collect all the embers on one side, and you will have one side mega hot, and the other with indirect heat.

  1. Use the best materials for jewelry Chile

Sometimes we lose a little jewelry for all the piscos that have served us or for many reasons. For this, we need to use the equipment for the grill, two gloves to avoid burning yourself and the grill to fry the fish.

The most important grill accessory to make sure you have is stainless steel grill tongs. Because they give you more control and reduce the possibility of your meat falling into the grill.

  1. make your own hamburger meat

Homemade burgers are the best. Even if you just season them with salt, pepper, and ground beef, they’re still healthier than store-bought.

Buy meat with enough fat or ask the butcher for ground meat according to your preference. So you can make burgers the way you want.

  1. Grilled fish is delicious

Why do people despise him? Fish and tobacco are very good friends. So, we take some fish (pippin, trout or salmon) and grill it well.

Depending on the grill and its size, it can hold 3 fish at a time and can be used to grill vegetables.

  1. Use marinated grilled meat

There is a saying about marinated meat that goes: “leave it for a few hours, preferably overnight”. This also applies to marinated meat on the grill.

You can use the liquid or sauce from the marinated meat and add every 10 minutes between the meat and the grilled fish. In this way, the meat comes out juicier, absorbs the aroma of smoke inside and caramelizes on the surface.

  1. Add vegetables to the grill

We know that when we have a barbecue in the garden, it is an excuse to be carnivorous. But fire also turns vegetables into something delicious, not just meat.

What you want is the “grill stripe” look on the display. It looks good and tastes the same. Cut the vegetables you want lengthwise and place them directly on the grill. Favorite choices are squash, eggplants, mushrooms, and bell peppers. After they are done, add some olive oil, salt and pepper to them.

  1. Next to the grill, add a salad (and some good piscos in Chile)

Salad should not be something left behind. It makes up two thirds of your food, if you want to have a meal.

You can choose the classic tomato “Chilean”, onion and cilantro salad, potato salad or cabbage salad.

Those National Holidays Chile They celebrate with joy and passion. It is a time to celebrate family, friends and food. One of the most popular foods on this day is grilled meat such as beef, pork, chicken or fish.

There are many ways to jewelry, but this is one of the best ways that will make you look good every time. A good one Piscola with a good grill it is the best accompaniment.

And with these tips, be happy Holidays!

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