It leaked: this is the favorite food of former President Barack Obama

Perhaps it is not an exaggeration to say that Barack Obama may be the most physically fit President the United States has ever had. That is due to several factors, as it is with anyone: a normal exercise does not hurt, for example, and we cannot determine some good genes. But the most important part of your health is your food; a topic that was met with some curiosity by the media during his presidency.

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We have already analyzed the diet of the current president and let’s say they are not very good. And while we would not want to support such a division compared to the two, it will be interesting to see how Obama fares. All we can say is this: expect lots of salad, lots of fruit, and very, very few calories. From early breakfasts to soup recipes to the Dijon mustard scandal that rocked the world, these are Barack Obama’s eating habits.

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Coffee is discontinued

Today, more than 83% of adults in the United States drink coffee, mostly in the morning. Obama is not one of them. Yes, despite the daily grind (which, to be honest, is probably a little grueling these days), according to consultant Reggie Love, Obama rarely drinks coffee in the morning. Instead, choose a healthy diet, which can include orange juice, green tea, or just plain water. Combine this with a daily 45-minute strength or cardio workout. If you combine them and remove the dependence on caffeine, you get a former president who, at 56, is healthier than most people at 30.

However the few times he drank coffee, Obama was looking for disaster. In 2014, the world watched in horror when the president greeted two military men while holding a cup of coffee, just the kind of disastrous faux pas that would make Obama regret his decision. guilty of breaking his rule of not drinking coffee until the end. of the time.

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However, breakfast is big

Breakfast is as important to Obama as it is to most healthy Americans. His most choice for breakfast is usually eggs – from four to six-, potatoes and rice toast. Considering that a good breakfast can reduce the risk of obesity, boost metabolism, lower cholesterol and have a positive effect on the brain, the fact that Obama has a healthy breakfast as part of his Morning work is a good idea.

During his presidency, Obama spent breakfast with that training and was in the Oval Office, ready for work, in the morning. Now, however, things are a little easier, and Obama talked about how he enjoyed the freedom of managing it in the morning itself. With this in mind, it is probably not a thought that, today, you are probably allowed to go to bed and have breakfast late for a while. And you?

Everything is healthy – mostly

The general rule of thumb for Obama’s diet is that, with some notable exceptions (more on that later), he likes to eat healthy. Former Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr suggested that Obama avoid sugar, carbohydrates and fat, a rule that allowed him to enter the elite of the stomach. In fact, Obama is rarely seen drinking soda, eating junk food, or eating sugar like it’s his last day.

Early in their first term in the White House, the Obamas made a splash by planting the first orchard on the property since Eleanor Roosevelt during World War II. The garden, which is tended and managed by Michelle Obama, provides food for family meals and organic dinners alike, and helps promote health awareness. It includes more than 55 types of vegetables, most recommended by kitchen staff, and includes tomatillos, bell peppers, lettuce, spinach, kale, and berries, among others.

Chili is their number one recipe

Obama has a whole list of favorite foods that have been made public, but one of the foods that is at the top is chili. Barack Obama’s homemade chili recipe, made available online thanks to Michelle, from her time in Chicago, invites friends and family to enjoy it. Do you want to be one of the lucky Chicagoans who can say they’ve had dinner from a former president? It is a recipe based on turkey or beef and uses red wine vinegar, turmeric and basil among simple ingredients, such as beans, onions, peppers, etc. Serve it over rice or with a healthy serving of crushed crackers, and you’re done.

If you’re planning to host a Tex-Mex themed party night (and why wouldn’t you?) we recommend pairing Obama’s chili recipe with Trump Grill’s taco bowl to see if who is the best.

He doesn’t say no to a hamburger

Although health is at the heart of Obama’s diet, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t treat himself once in a while. Like his successor (well, no, not his successor), Obama is a burger lover and not averse to giving up for a while. Unlike Trump, however, he’s always favored small, local burger joints over big-box restaurants; For example, in 2009, he and Vice President Joe Biden took their guests to Ray’s Hell Burger, an Arlington restaurant known for its unusual burger toppings.

Just one year later, Obama returned to Ray’s Hell Burger with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. They sat in the audience and Obama opted for a standard cheeseburger, while Medvedev ordered one with jalapenos, mushrooms and onions. They shared an order of fries.

The Dijon disaster

Oh, wow. We hope you’re ready for this, because we’re about to go into the most distasteful way to rock the Obama Administration. If you’re here to read fun stuff about food, skip to the next part (it’s about chocolate!), because things are going to get serious here.

The year is 2011. The place is the aforementioned Ray’s Hell Burger. The witnesses are Joe Biden, a press pack, a crowd of burger fans and Sean Hannity’s life. The crime, of course, was that Obama ordered Dijon mustard on his burger. Yes, Obama ditched the traditional condiment of ketchup in favor of its spicier, sour, French cousin. America’s right-wing press immediately protested, and Fox News’ Hannity – apparently tired of waiting for more criticism (only five more years, Sean!) – led a segment in which he called his “First President Poupon”.

He loves a chocolatier more than anything else

Phew. That’s a lot, right? After a deep dive into the depths of politics and morality, you might want to kick back and enjoy something lighter. Well here’s something: Obama’s favorite chocolatier. Fran’s Chocolates is a Seattle-based chocolate shop founded by Fran Bigelow, who was revealed by Obama in May 2008 as a personal favorite of his.

It started with Seattle businesswoman Cynthia Stroum, who introduced the Obamas to Fran’s at a race stop at a basket reception, and then hooked them up. The love for chocolates spread to the Secret Service, who started asking about them, and then somehow to ABC’s The View after Michelle sent them samples. Michelle likes dark chocolate, while Barack himself declared that he likes to drink salted caramel in milk chocolate. And when you’ve got Presidents, First Ladies, Secret Service, and daytime talkers asking for more, it’s fair to say you can make good chocolate.

Brew your own beer

The Obamas aren’t big drinkers, but when they do have a beer or two, they’re at least okay with it. In 2014, Obama was awarded life membership of the American Homebrewers Association in recognition of his work as the first president to homebrew in the White House. In 2011, he partnered with his chef Sam Kass to start brewing his own beer and, with the help of local homebrewers, created two recipes: one for White House Honey Ale and one for for White House Honey Porter.

The porter includes black malt, chocolate malt, and honey, while the ale uses cracker malt, gypsum, and honey in its recipe. The honey used is unique, as it comes from the White House South Lawn apiary and has a paler, lighter honey. Considering that the current President claims not to touch alcohol, it is unlikely that the hive will continue to produce honey for home beers, if at all.

you like the food

After all, it is the easiest to get an idea of ​​someone’s diet simply by looking at their favorite and least favorite foods. According to Reggie Love, Obama’s choices include chocolates from Fran’s Chocolates (but you already know that), mixed methods (nuts, berries, seeds, raisins, etc.), roasted almonds, pistachios , water, Dentyne Ice gum, bars of MET- Rx Chocolate Roasted Peanut Protein and vegetables, with broccoli and spinach being his favorite.

You’ve seen the design, right? “Obama’s diet seems to be mostly vegetables, healthy food, and simple things (water, Barack? Really?), with little room for anything flashy, beyond a chocolate or two .is due to another guilty pleasure of him rather than a favor to them.

Your favorite food

The other end of the spectrum, according to Love, is a little quirky. Obama’s favorite foods seem to be mayonnaise (although, if Dijongate is anything to go by, he’s not a big fan of ketchup either), salt-and-vinegar fries, asparagus — even his would eat them if he had to, apparently. and soft drinks. The man likes water.

In the past, Obama also expressed a dislike for British cuisine, making him dislike traditional British food on the campaign trail in 2007 with a face (perhaps half of a joke, to be honest) and smile, before speaking to someone. pollster says his opinion that England has better food than America is because of “all the good Indian restaurants they have now.” So there you have it: gum, olives, and water are all the rage; asparagus, mayonnaise and fish and chips, no. President Barack Obama, everyone.

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