From pizzas to burgers: what are the most popular vegan foods

There are many myths and taboos that exist around the veganism as a way of life. One of the most common sense shows that when using this type of diet, it is necessary leave a lot of fun on food. Or, at least, forget about many dishes that are always connected to fun and entertainment.

This and other beliefs are false, because Today there are delicious food, food and pet free recommendations for all visitors.. In fact, more and more restaurants are adding vegan options to their menu, and unlike many people think, they are happy even with the most demanding.

It is important to remember that a healthy diet is considered by experts and health professionals as a diet with many benefits effect, which can lead to all stages of life and even cooperation in prevention of major diseases, such as certain cancers, type 1 diabetes and heart disease.

“In Mexico, the three main causes of death from health are now: cardiovascular disease -CVD- (141,873 patients, 20.8% of the total), followed by COVID-19 ( 108,658; 15.9%) and diabetes (99,733; 14.6%). With this, it can be seen that CVDs cause more deaths than the COVID19 pandemic“, explained eat food Elisa Graciela Cervantes Jiménez and partner of GenV – ex Million Dollar Vegan– in Mexico, an international non-profit organization that seeks to promote the benefits of good nutrition for health, animals and the environment.

A healthy plant-based diet has, according to experts and health experts, many benefitsPixabay

Follow a vegan diet, with a healthy, varied and careful diet that includes foods from all groups, such as vegetables and fruits, which provide vitamins A, C , B, K. and minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium and fiber; vegetable protein sources (such as legumes), healthy fats (such as nuts and seeds, for example), good carbohydrates, all this together with vitamin B12 supplementation prepared by a doctor illness; not only reduce the risk of disease initiationbut also allows for a healthy life”, added the teacher.

According to the data collected by GenVIn the top ranking of the most vegan foods in the world are: pizza with vegetables, potatoes or almond cheeses, Then the soy sauce and seitan, followed by chickpea and soy milanesas and tofu scrambled eggs.

In the first place is pizza with vegetable cheese and then the famous vegan, lentil, soy or chickpea burgers (among other ingredients) appear.
In the first place is pizza with vegetable cheese and then the famous vegan, lentil, soy or chickpea burgers (among other ingredients) appear.Pixabay

There are only following burgers of lentils, beans, beans and chickpeas, potatoes, beans, coconut, almond and cashew cheeses, apple, oat, rice or almond milk, black bean brownies and finally, soy, ham and vegan cheese or classic tuna empanadas vegan.

There are many options here they are more nutritious than the original recipe, not neglecting the smell. You can choose a free arrangement of pet products without having to have one 100% vegan diet and this will be good for your health and the environment.

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