6 terraces to get the new winter outdoors

  • Address: third floor Alto Palermo (Av. Santa Fe 3253, City of Buenos Aires).



the business

In the heart of Villa Crespo, the first restaurant in the city has several outdoor areas. You can take advantage of the possibility that Porongo offers you to rent a friendly property to enjoy in the patio on the ground floor or on our terraces on the first floor. The must see that you cannot miss: K-dog from Side A, various tortillas from La Tortillería, the incredible Jalanesa de Moisha, or ceviche from Estimar. And if you want something sweet, Haulani ice cream or the original Kürto from Erdely’s. As it is a market, you can take advantage of it and take homemade bread from Polanco, fresh mushrooms from Fungo and fruits and vegetables from Tierra Orgánica.

  • Address: Thames 747, CABA.


the business


Nemuri, a restaurant specializing in sushi and Japanese food, has two locations with different recommendations to enjoy this coming season. Nemuri Tera, his Palermo location, has a terrace with a large cocktail bar and a variety of signature drinks. And Nemuri Sushi, located in Belgrano, opens its deck as a favorite place to taste the best sushi in spring.

  • Address: Nemuri Tera, Cabrera 5102, Thames corner, Palermo; and Nemuri Sushi, Moldes 1502, at the corner of Virrey Avilés, Belgrano, CABA.



Koi Dumplings

The terrace of the Carranza store, the deck of the Lavalleja store, or the sidewalk of the new DoHo area, are all beautiful places to try the options that Koi should make your life bright: baos , buns, dumplings, and ramen salad. All, also, in its vegetarian version. For drinks, traditional cocktails, beer, tea, kombucha and lemonade.

  • Address: Carranza 1591, Palermo; Lavalleja 1387, Palermo; and Free 2007, Villa Urquiza, CABA.



Asu Mare

Asu Mare, the first ceviche bar in Buenos Aires that has the ancestors of the Peruvian land in the way of food, has a beautiful place in its Palermo location with beauty that follows the beaches of Pacific, ideal for enjoying delicious ceviche and drink as pisco acholado or macerated chicha.

  • Address: Thames 1514, CABA.

Asu Mas.jpg

Asu Mare

The Beer Bar

La Birra Bar was founded in 2001 and, more than 20 years later, it is consolidated as the architect of the perfect hamburger: the best meat medallion created by a mixture of different techniques cut beef, a special homemade potato bread and different Amazing toppings and sauces. The menu has almost 50 varieties of burgers and veggie options. It also has other American dishes such as ribs, rib eyes, pulled pork, wings, crispy chicken, nuggets, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, and French fries. As of 2020, it still has ice cream products.

You can choose between the Golden -winner of the best Burger in the United States 2022 award at the SoBeWFF in Miami- or the Only Side – the first burger created by and for the fans- in the patios, decks and terraces of La Birra Night natural venues In Boedo, Villa Crespo, Ramos Mejía, Martínez, Mataderos and Avellaneda.

  • Address: Carlos Calvo 4317, CABA.

beer bar.jpg

The Beer Bar

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