How to make chicken burgers

Hamburgers are the type of meat that most of us will prepare in supermarkets and grocery stores, but it is always possible to make them yourself at home and thus enjoy the piece The recipe is much tastier and healthier.

They can be prepared with beef, pork, fish, chicken, etc., but in this OneHOWTO article we will focus on the future and show you step by step how to make chicken burgers. When prepared, you can eat them in a thousand ways, with bread sandwiches, with salads, pasta, potatoes, and many other ingredients.

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The steps are as follows:


The first step in cooking chicken burgers is to prepare the chicken breast. Remove any tissue or skin they have and start cutting them so that they have the same rights.

You can do it with a meat grinder or, if you don’t have one, with the help of a knife, make very small pieces.

How to make chicken burgers - Step 1


Next, to know how to make liquid chicken burgers, you must chop and mince the garlic clove and, finally, do the same with onion and parsley. When you have all the ingredients ready, take a deep bowl, add the chicken, season to taste and add garlic, onion and chopped parsley.

Mix all the ingredients so that they are mixed and the chicken is enriched with the flavor and aroma of the condiments.

How to make chicken burgers - Step 2


Now is the time whisk the egg in a separate box or plate and add to the dish with chicken when it is ready.

If you want to add another type to the map, you can do it here. You must stir well so that the egg impregnates all the minced chicken and then knead with your hands to get a homogeneous and more compact paste.

How to make chicken burgers - Step 3


The next step is to add some chicken burger dough bread crumbs. This will give you a smoother texture and the chicken patties won’t fall apart when you throw them in the pan to fry. Keep mixing with your hands until the breadcrumbs are fully incorporated.

How to make chicken burgers - Step 4


When the dough is ready, all you have to do is start create pictures of burgers. To do this, take part of the minced chicken, make a ball with it, then flatten it with a spatula and adjust it a little with your hands until you get the shape and thickness.

Take into account that there are also molds to create hamburgers at home, so if you want them all to have the same size you can use them. Repeat this process until you are done with all the dough.

How to make chicken burgers - Step 5


At last, fried chicken burgers in a pan with a little olive oil or cook on the grill, as you like.

You can have them as a sandwich, with a salad or with a nice plate of chips, depending on your preference. And if you want to see how to prepare other special types of hamburgers, do not miss the following recipes:

How to make chicken burgers - Step 6

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