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Juancho’s BBQ It is the ninth stop of the “Chain of the oven” in raise the people. Alexander Baka Check out this restaurant that specializes in barbecued hamburgers and run by John of the Rich. We can visit it at Avenida de Europa 15, Pozuelo de Alarcon, Madrid. With this recipe you will enjoy a treatment that you will love: The Alpine Burger. Listen to their recommendations and consult the recipe at home.

The People – Power: Alpine Burger – Listen Now

They are distinguished by the best ingredients, good bread, good meat and the flavor that the charcoal barbecue gives it. His desire is to make the perfect hamburger. The good secret is to cut the meat small to maintain oxygen and thus, when cooked, it falls better. In its menu you can find five fixed hamburgers and one flip.

To make this recipe we need hamburger bread, beef, onions, Pedro Ximénez, Mont D’or cheese and mustard sauce.

Alpine BurgerAlpine Burgermeat
Ingredients Preparation
  • burger eating
  • 220 g of chicken
  • 1 garlic onion
  • Peter Jimenez
  • Mont D’or cheese
  • mustard sauce
  • Liquid glue
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  1. We start by confiting the onion. It is advisable to cut it in julienne. When cut, we put it in a pan with a little butter over medium-low heat with Pedro Ximénez, salt and a lot of pepper for about 45 minutes. It should be very sweet.
  2. When the onion is ready, we move to make the meat. It is recommended to do it on the grill or in a pot that looks like a grill. Without oil, and at a high temperature, add the meat so that it seals well on both sides. Then we reduce the heat to half, we will keep the hamburger 5/6 minutes on each side. If you want more you have to leave it longer.
  3. When the meat is ready, it is time to add salt.
  4. Spread the cheese with a spoon, wide, on the burger, and put it back on the grill, with the heat, for two minutes. If we have a protective lid we can cover the meat so that the cheese melts with the heat that the pot still holds.
  5. We remove the meat.
  6. We toast the bread on the griddle, with thirty seconds or a minute will be enough.
  7. With the toasted bread we assemble the hamburger. We put the mustard sauce on the bottom of the bun, add the meat with cheese, and finally we crown the hamburger with onions.

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