A delirium: see how hamburgers are made at the best restaurant in the world

René Redzepi, the Danish chef at Noma, is also the owner of the POPL Burger establishment.

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The best restaurant in the world is called Noma and it is located in Copenhagen. This place received the title of award from the World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2021, thanks to its experiments and new dishes. Leaves and flower petals, insects, roots, mosses, sea slugs, reindeer antlers… These are some of the dishes of the €670 menu created by chef René Redzepi. The Danish chef with three Michelin stars, chosen as the best chef in 2022 in Europe, runs this restaurant and has also opened another city specializing in hamburgers.

Burger from the best restaurant in the world | Photo courtesy of Instagram

This is POPL Burger, an establishment in the neighborhood Christianshavn since the end of 2020. Its name comes from Latin, specifically from the word populus, which means “the people” or “the multitude”. A name that has no accident and refers to the goal of bringing the best food to the majority of the population.

organic burgers

In POPL Burger the raw material is Danish organic meat that comes from farms where cows roam and graze freely. The René Redzepi team, made up of Noma veterans, spent months developing the food in their fermentation facility. And it is that quinoa involves cooking for two days until it becomes a hamburger.

His hamburger menu is divided into four options: cheese, vegetarian and vegan for €15.46, respectively. And a meat burger for children that costs €14.79.

Burger from the best restaurant in the world | Photo courtesy of 20minutes

Fermented quinoa tempeh is a key ingredient in vegetarian and vegan options. For his part, the burger meat is organic and includes pickle mayonnaise.

The price of a hamburger with fries is around 20 euros, a price that some TripAdvisor users have found too high. In fact, most customers praise the quality of the burgers but complain about their prices, giving it a three out of five star rating on this review site.

Temporary closure of Noma

2021 is a bad business year for the best restaurant in the world. The restaurant reported a loss of 1.69 million crowns (227,000 euros) in the previous year, as reported by Bloomberg.

The Noma team hopes to improve their numbers in 2022 and 2023, but before that they will take a break. Redzepi himself announced on his Instagram profile that in the fall and winter, the group will travel around the world “to cook and learn.” In 2023 they will return to the Danish capital to reopen Noma.

With information from 20 minutes

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