How to eat hamburger and make you less fat

    Achieving the body of your dreams is not an easy task. Hard work, determination, dedication and sacrifice are necessary to achieve it and they all go hand in hand with adjusting your diet to stay with your goals. Of course, not pizzas, even if they are the best pizzas, not sweets, and fried (even if they are crispy and from Dani García), or hamburgers like to get even if they are, In fact, the first image that comes to your mind. when you start to rumble your heart.

    Hamburgers have had the label of evil almost since the idea of ​​putting this steak on two buns and with many ingredients was created in the United States at the end of the 19th century, although The history of the hamburger goes back a long way. first, since the Mongols. The fact that many of them are, by using meat of dubious quality, a lot of fat, melting and various cheeses and a heavy-duty sauce, does not mean that they all have to be. What’s more, if you follow these steps, at home and in some of the best hamburger restaurants in Spain, you can enjoy a better snack than you think. Here are the tricks.

    Eat it without half a loaf

    One of the easiest ways to cut some calories in your burger is to throw out half of the bun. And we do not say that you throw it away, which would be ideal, because it is part of the grace of the smell. Another trick: remove half of the pie, not the top. It usually has small sesame seeds that add a touch (and are also healthy). Or bet on all the bread.

    In the restaurant Rubaiyat, in Madrid, you eat a hamburger of the best meat and without bread or sadness.

    Rubaiyat Madrid

    Roll it in lettuce

    If you want to remove all the bread to enjoy, in exchange, a good portion of fries, wrap all your burger in lettuce, Vietnamese roll, and it will still be a succulent bite .

    Cover it with avocado

    In many restaurants they already do it and it is beautiful and healthy. Avocado is one of the tastiest and most satiating fruits available, so you often see it with fast food and hamburgers should not be left out. You will write first and you will do it with super quality and zero toxic energy.

    out of the fryer

    This goes through the commitment level. If you are already an expert and you remove the bread and even French fries, make yourself a salad. It’s also a great way to save all the ingredients that fall off the burger when you eat it. Is your pickle or onion slippery? Mix them with your salad.

    Use good muscles

    If you make it at home or if you eat out, ask for chicken, for example. Or turkey, even bacon can be chicken! Although giving vegan and vegetarian burgers is possible, with some you don’t notice the difference.

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    vegetable strip

    Have you ever thought that eating a hamburger can increase the amount of green vegetables in your diet? Fill it with your favorite vegetables. Lettuce, lamb’s lettuce, arugula… And of course onions, natural tomatoes… The list of alternatives is huge.

    Use low-sugar products

    Ketchup is undoubtedly the star condiment for hamburgers, but most of the jars you see in the supermarket are full of sugar. You can opt for natural tomatoes, buy crushed ones, or Dijon mustard, which is more healthy, and even mayonnaise.

    Fresh cheese

    When it comes to removing processed foods from your diet, skip the sliced ​​cheese and buy it fresh. Slice a nice piece of cheddar, sprinkle on some blue cheese or feta for something with a different texture and texture.

    Or substitute the cheese for eggs

    And you completely remove the fat without removing the juiciness from it all. The grilled egg is the best with good protein and quality.

    grilled egg burger

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    Or healthy cream

    Collect two of the best and healthy: tzatziki and guacamole, your best friends and companions for your healthy burger.

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