How to cook the perfect burger and the best tips

    Importantly, the answer to this question will be very simple in a restaurant: according to customer needs. Of all the ways to eat a piece of meat, especially a hamburger, the fact that we want it to be more or less, or to a point, is a reduction, because there are many levels of being eat For this reason, from Timesburg they tell us the secrets of the perfect hamburger and the best of our taste, going from the blue theme (which will return) to the perfect or made was great without going too far. .

    Tips for cooking the perfect burger

    1- If we talk about cooking, it should be said in the first place that a piece of red meat and a hamburger have nothing to do with it, the latter is less dense and quickly made, because it is minced meat.

    2- Another thing to remember is whether it is cooked on the grill, a metal plate or cast iron, and the temperature: “On the grill, the temperature will must be above 200ºC, and the electric stone gives us good heat. and allows the temperature to be constant throughout the process.”

    3- “The time will vary, but you should be around 8-10 minutes to enjoy beef cooked to the point”, says Sergi Ibáñez, CEO. Three minutes back is usually the standard time it takes to cook a hamburger for sure. they are not dry, their protein ratio should be 75% to 25% fat The meat should weigh between 150 and 200g.

    4- Regarding the role that the ingredients and sauces play in the elaboration or the end of the hamburgers, they also have an important role, because thanks to them they give the characteristic touch to they all: “The sauce must be done with the stuff. cool”.

    5- And if we talk about hamburgers that are chicken or vegan, cooking is completely different: “Each type of raw material has different characteristics, from water to fat or kneading … with for all these, the cooking time is different.”

    The origin of the hamburger is not clear

    From Brooklyn Town they tell us that its name comes from Hamburg, the port where the ships arrived in the 17th century, which brought steak tartare to Germany. However, Americans have established that the birth was when Louis Lassen – a German immigrant in the United States – prepared in his restaurant the first in 1900 “sandwich ” as it is known today: bread, cheese, salad and tomato. .

    A delicacy like this has the most curious versions. The most expensive hamburger in the world costs around 2,000 euros. It is a description of Dutch chef Diego Buik, prepared with Wagyu beef, Oosterschelde lobster infused with Hermit Dutch coastal gin, foie gras, white truffles, Remeker cheese, Iberian ham, French lettuce, Japanese tomatoes and caviar. Happiness, available for very few!

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