Profeco announces hamburger meat brands that are not 100% meat: what are they?

Many brands that promise to be 100% chicken or beef in the burger actually have other ingredients. REUTERS/Francois Lenoir/File Photo

Indeed, you have prepared a barbecue with you family, friends, partners or colleagues at work or school. Many times, when the meeting is planned and food is prepared, in this case, roast meat is included the meat of Burgeryou want to go to the store to buy it frozen meat that is sold in their refrigerator. However, even many of these are sold accordingly 100% beef or chicken, The truth is that they are not, or at least that’s how Federal Consumer Protection Office (Profeco).

Burgers are a easy to find food because it is a favorite of the people. Many names give the meat to prepare them, promise good quality and price, but above all, a good taste. Those Prophet make an observation of Consumer Magazine, related to certain types of hamburger meat frozen or prepared, prepared only to be heated.

Usually, this type of frozen or prepared meat is sold in individual retailers or supermarkets. Surely you have come to buy them because of how easy it is to prepare them.

Those Prophetin his studio, examine the 35 products of the most used by Mexicans, and discover that not all people are who they say they are. It is important to say that the assessment is determined by the flank steak, chicken and beef which is already packaged and sold in supermarkets. Also, the NOM-213-SSA1-2002, which measures the presence of salmonella in meat products, test these foods, even happens in other respects.

The Profeco, in its study, evaluated the 35 products of the most used by the Mexican.
The Profeco, in its study, evaluated the 35 products of the most used by the Mexican.

The investigation by the federal agency concluded that some brands are not 100% beef or chickenand in fact, something similar as well sausagebecause they are not made of meat.

Among the findings of Prophet therefore, some brands of hamburger meat say that it is 100% beef or chicken, but there are other ingredients, such as chicken, condiments, soy, or other meat, such as pork.

There are names that claim to exist 100% cowbut they only have a part 90 to 96%; while those who say it is chicken meat are in the middle 39 and 74%, the rest is soy or other products.

Next, we show you the names that contain incorrect information, as follows Prophet:

– American Beef Steak burger flank steak

– Bachoco Trosi flank steak hamburger

– Bachoco Trosi sirloin hamburger

– Canijo Mx Foodie Lab

– Of the day Chicken burgers

– Grill the sirloin

– Good value flank steak

– Marketside rib eye

– Marketside steak flavor

– Marketside bacon

– Pilgrim’s Chicken Burgers

– Meat for Soriana hamburger

Among the ingredients that are in the meat are soy, chicken or condiments.  Reuters 163
Among the ingredients that are in the meat are soy, chicken or condiments. Reuters 163

Another classification contemplates the use fruit juice in some products. In this case, the brand must include in their label the price of these additional ingredients. The people who have the most breast milk are the following: American beef steak burger flank steak, Bachoco Trosi flank steak burger, Del Día chicken burger, Valley Foods flank steak, Valley Foods sirloin and Ugasa Alimentos golden bull sirloin.

On the other hand, non-dairy products are: Bachoco Trosi de res, Good value sirloin, Golden Hills flank steak, Rib Eye and Bacon, Marketside and SuKarne. It is important to remember that Master Burgers USA The product boasts less than it says on the label.

Finally, the Prophet want to always check those nutritional information on the label, so that you know the ingredients they have, the percentage of meat they have made and the money they sell. Also, have a good diet.


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