gastronomic ideas for August full of interest – Confined duck

Tabbouleh or Lebanese salad.

It’s mid-August and we’re still stocking up on food. We want to take good care of ourselves, take care of the temple without forgetting about the need to be satisfied. Enjoy great summer dishes… And in our weekly menu we have a little bit of everything. Black rice with glue. Vegetarian pasta that is a Sicilian monument. Salads that have become Mediterranean classics, with some recipes, such as a Salmon burger. Come and eat…

Monday, August 15

Black rice with cuttlefish recipe

black rice

A good rice (especially if you can afford new ink). Fish or squid, ink, mussels and other crustaceans. A dark, silky, magical color. We are talking about one of the best seafood on our shores. The reportPairing: Black cuttlefish rice.

Belgian or Flemish mussels.

Mussels in Belgian sauce

For Belgian gastronomy, mussels are a true institution, the national dish. the name is called moules-frites, served with French fries and is made with a sauce of celery, white wine and sugar. Although they seem far from our palate, thousands of Belgians, with their bars and taverns, cannot be mistaken. The report: Moules-frites.

Tuesday, August 16

Standard pasta recipe
Sicilian pasta dish.

Pasta all Norma

One of the best known and international Italian recipes. A simple pasta dish with aubergines and fresh basil that is typical of Sicilian cuisine. Perfect for vegetarians, because, even with a few ingredients, it comes out very well. The report: Standard pasta.

Pipirrana food from Malaga

pipirrana salad

Delicious Andalusian salad that starts with tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs and tuna, all well nourished by a wonderful sauce in which to dip bread. A refreshing recipe that is full of flavor and that makes every table crazy. The report: Start.

Wednesday, August 17

Tzatziki Sauce
Tzatziki sauce. LiliGraphie

tziziki sauce

Tzatziki cream is one of the jewels of Greek and Eastern Mediterranean cuisine. It is made from the base of yogurt and cucumber, and it is very refreshing, it has a point of spice and can be served as a meal, for salad, or as a spread of raw vegetables, such as carrots. The report: Tzatziki.

Asturian cachopo recipe or beef cachopo.

Veal cachopo

Food of the Celts and Vikings, cachopo is a very Asturian food (it has beef, ham and cheese, and is breaded). If you are thinking about food in this summer, it is without a doubt one of the recipes for what they call today food-porn more successful. The report: Cachopo.

Thursday, August 18

Homemade salmon burger recipe.
Salmon burger.

Salmon burger

Fish burgers have come in our menu. They are delicious and healthier than the classic meat ones. With a home made salmon burger you will be satisfied. The report: Salmon burger.

Plate of empedrat, salad with white beans and cod


A good and healthy salad from the rich Catalan gastronomy. It is very complete: white beans, raw and desalted cod, eggs, olives, peppers … Salad masterpiece. You will not leave hungry. The report: Stone.

Friday August 19

Mushroom risotto dish

Mushroom Risotto

If we have paellas and rice dishes, the Italians have risotto, the world famous rice that is prepared with patience. Thanks to the butter it comes out ultra creamy and full of flavor. The mushrooms, especially if it is boletus, with Parmesan cheese, is really exciting. The report: Mushroom Risotto.

Marinated mackerel recipe

Marinated Mackerel

A very healthy recipe that surprises every palate. An ancient method of fish preparation that turns the humble mackerel into a spectacle. The report: Marinated Mackerel.

Saturday August 20

Tabbouleh or Tabbouleh Recipe
Tabbouleh or Lebanese salad.

tabbouleh salad

Another classic from the eastern Mediterranean. Lebanese recipe for salad. It has bulgur (Arab and Turkish wheat semolina), and sometimes couscous, and is full of aromas, thanks to mint, lemon and fresh parsley. The report: Tabulate.

Eggplant stuffed with tuna and egg

Aubergines stuffed with eggs and tuna

Very succulent recipe. Stuffed aubergines, in all their forms and nomenclature, is another. Although they are usually cooked with minced meat, if you use tuna and eggs, baked in the oven, they are similar. The report: Fruit.

Sunday August 21

Seafood fideua recipe
Sea fideuà with blue crab from the Delta. Confined Duck.

Fideuá Seafood

Another classic seafood and a great recipe for summer and to eat with the family. The fideuà is like paella but using noodles (they should be a little thicker). It’s easier to make than its sister made with rice, and it comes out just as good (or better). The report: Fideua.

squid with onion recipe

Squids with onions

We end the week with a very simple recipe that can be considered one of the muses of our seafood cuisine. The mixture of onion and squid is a safe bet. Both elements give their strength by caramelizing and the result is very good. The report: Squids with onions.

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