Food and drink increased between 20 and 85% in the first half of September

The government has detected a price increase of 20% and 85% in food, drink and hygiene products, in sales that were made in the first two weeks of September, in stores different products.

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The Secretary of Commerce announced the increase and registered in the Argentine Electronic Price Advertising System (SEPA), which daily receives information on the prices of supermarkets that cover more than 57,000 equipment throughout the country.

In SEPA, the Ministry of Commerce has published a list with 30 products that have increased in price the most, in the first half of September.

The Secretary of Commerce, Matías Tombolini, from his Twitter account, pointed out that “excessive growth in the price of goods in AMBA supermarkets” was identified.

“For this reason, we have decided to regularly publish the list of 30 products that have increased more than two weeks,” the manager added.

In the first two weeks of September, according to this registration, the product that increased the most was Nivea Carrot Sunscreen 200 Cc (85%); Red Wine Cabernet Malbec Merlot Special Blend Bodega del Fin del Mundo (64%); Liquid Powerade Isotonic Drink (61%); Champagne Nature Nieto Senetiner (52%); Malbec and Cabernet Finca Natalina wine (47%).

There was also an increase of 45% in jams; 42% in sauce; 41% are ‘; 32% in vanilla filled cookies; 27% in butter and 26% in coffee, etc.

Some of the products showing an increase are Clarified Butter without tac Ghee Cow, which increased by 27%, in the first two weeks of September.

Also included are Decorado Achiss 27% disposable napkins, battered chicken bites 27%, Portobelo chicken medallion 26%, Felpita white napkins 26%, Martínez light roast coffee 26%, Crackers Bran Tia Maruca 26 % and Flowpack. 25%.

The Big Rise in Big Supermarket Chains

The Big Rise in Big Supermarket Chains

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