FatBurger is coming from Hollywood to CDMX

The chain of Fast food like that Americana will open its doors August 11 in Mexico City to satisfy all lovers of good hamburgers. Below we show you all the details about the need to arrive at the truth fatburger, with a bit of its history, our recommendations and favorite dishes. Get ready to live this unique experience with friends or family.

FatBurger arrives from Hollywood to CDMX - photo-1-attention-foodie-fatburger-authentic-hollywood-hamburgers-arrive-at-cdmx
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Fatburger was built in 1947, in Los Angeles, California. American companies already have more 200 branches Worldwide.

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Fatburger arrived in Mexico in collaboration with the restaurant group Red Rhombus. Branch in Insurgents Southwith a modern design and atmosphere, there is a special gastronomic experience, guaranteeing it special smell and demonstration A true passion of serving burgers eat food made at home and made to measure.

FatBurger arrives from Hollywood to CDMX
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To maintain the characteristic flavor of Fatburger, the supply chain from the United States with the best models. Meat, bread, sauces, ice cream, syrups and other American products they guarantee you the original taste of FatBurger.

FatBurger arrives from Hollywood to CDMX
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What to eat?

Burgers are the star dish of the house. They original burger no loss. Even if you can’t miss the American style chicken burger and there is an option to add a crushed egg.

If you like challenges, you can’t stop trying XXXL. Those who manage to complete it will receive it a place on the wall wins.

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Those health who never stop taking care of themselves can choose from the Turkey burger (turkey burger with whole wheat) and the skin burger (which has lettuce instead of bread).

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Also, try the wings with the secret map which makes them juiciest in the world. We also recommend the traditional French fries and them delicious milkshakes.

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