Capital Blend: The best signature and flavor burgers now at Jumbo

Good news for lovers of Premium meat and artisan hamburgers is the name of burgers Capital Blend already in Jumbo. After having “passed the test” for more than a year in grocery stores and direct sales, they have gathered many fans who have become their favorite, and now they are available in the Costanera Center , Alto Las Condes, La Dehesa and Chamisero shops, and soon in ten new locations. You just have to add them to your favorite list!

Made with the best cuts of choice and fresh local meat (beef or turkey), they are made in a simple process with a special “mix” for the animals that have been added into the proportions to create delicious and natural products that are healthy and good. food helps all members of the family. They are sold frozen in boxes of 4 units of 150 g of flavor, without antibiotics, antibiotics and Gluten Free seal.

What are we eating today?

The million dollar question…. Capital Blend was born with the idea of ​​simplifying your life, providing a healthy, rich and fun alternative that allows you to enjoy the pleasures of doing eat and share the best time around the table.

With a year in the market of specialty stores and sales from delivery Through its own online store, the brand offers three types of burgers with ingredients: 100% natural and frozen: Natural Beef Burger, Beef Burger with 3 peppers and sea salt, and Thai-style Turkey Burgers. You just add your secret chats and enjoy them with your loved ones. The result will be happy!

Capital Blend is a product created by two experts from nutrition, who have developed recommendations to satisfy the demand for health and nutrition according to the meat, for those who like to eat good and easy food at home or on the go, providing a complete product of excellent quality and taste.

At, in addition to its excellent hamburgers, you will find milanesas and a portion of dressings and accessories such as ketchup and artisanal pickles from the local brand From María.

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Where can you find them?

JUMBO site -Mall La Dehesa, Alto Las Condes, Costanera Center and Chamisero. Coming soon to Jumbo Bilbao, La Reina, Peñalolén, El Alba, Colina Valle Alegre, Lo Castillo and Los Trapenses.
Special stores
The Sun – Poppies 1282. Providence – Napoleon 3140. The count.
Meat Point – Plaza 1250, H. Las Condes.
The Warehouse Delivery – Luis Pasteur 6340, village 4. Vitacura.
The Chile market – Francisco de Aguirre 3570, Vitacura
eating food – Luis Pasteur 6093. Vitacura.
Gourmet Club – Las Hualtatas 8842. Vitacura.
The House of Sale – Los Trapenses 3200. Lo Barnechea.
Patache Market – El Rodeo 13350. Lo Barnechea.
The Producer – Lo Barnechea 1351. Lo Barnechea. Patagonian Air – La Dehesa 4580 Local 5. La Dehesa.

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