This is the best beef burgers ever prepared

The hamburger is not a food anymore. Things are always falling into place and, little by little, has won over the palate of all diners. It is not a product for the youngest, the oldest also enjoy it. But if something has evolved in Hamburger is available in most restaurants. Chefs are said to turn it into an art and it’s rare that they don’t prepare one ‘gourmet’ version in their kitchen.

Hamburger is a product that we all know. Rounded minced meat, at least 1% salt and other ingredients and seasonings such as garlic or parsley. But the real beef burger is a lot.

Pioneer in providing high-end meat from old cows and ox, Discarlux was made available to its customers an online store so that they can get the best meat in the house, get a profit from them home delivery services and personal care. Orders received in a between 48 and 72 hours and always with the guaranteed good seal.

With a 25% discount on the original price, you can now get it BBQ for 2 (1 beef steak (0.7KG) + 0.5KG lady churrasco + 1 Creole chorizo ​​+ 1 homemade chorizo ​​+ chistorra) for only €45.90, VAT and shipping costs includedmore the code “twopi”.

In addition, you can continue to enjoy the best Disarlux meat at the best price by taking advantage of all these discount.

How to prepare hamburger meat

Enjoying a ‘premium’ hamburger goes far beyond the quality of its raw materials. Monitoring the production process down to the smallest detail is also important. In this sense, Discarlux produces the best beef for hamburgers according to this formula:

  1. The best of beef and old cattle is chosen every week from history.

  2. The working area is very cold (between 0 and 2 degrees) so that the meat does not join together.

  3. Matured beef is used (between 15/20 days). It is used first of selected cows, which are those with more fat infiltration. From there they take the needle, the fin, the counter fin, the shoulder, the barrel. and mix them very well with brisket fat.

  4. The chopping is not very good so that the meat does not stick together. Thanks to this, it is possible to make the hamburger have a “good bite” and not sticky.

  5. In Discarlux he did artisanal process to monitor the “training process & rdquo;. The goal is to try that the hamburger is not too compact. They use a machine that is not commercial, which gives it the necessary compaction.

  6. Finally, the looser hamburger is finished, ready to cook and taste and that’s it It has nothing to do with commercial packaging.

Beef burgers are just a click away and there are many good ones

Discarlux always puts the quality of its products before value and in it shop online There are many types burgers depending on the preferences and tastes of each customer. 180-gram artisan beef burgers They have an intense and competitive flavor as well European beef mini burgersideal for children. Their versatility allows you to experiment with them in a thousand and one medicine.

Discarlux hamburgers are made 100% with quality beef and made from rich cutswhich are from farms selected for their good practices and animal welfare.

Finisterre Burger It is the perfect choice to enjoy a ‘gourmet’ snack. Discarlux is the supporter of the Fisterra Bovine World project, which is in progress A Galician farm cattle of the 13 best breeds in the world and give Fisterra Bovine World Burger package, which includes a selection of ‘premium’ ingredients.

To achieve the perfect burger, meat must be accompanied by other good things. to meat of Ames garden This package is with Formaje cheese, 100-degree brioche bread, smoked arbequino plus extra virgin olive oil from Castillo de Canena, arugula from Huerta de Carabaña, seasonal tomatoes, onion confit with wine, meat mayonnaise with roasted garlic and a very good homemade barbecue sauce. with pickles. Only 59 euros you can enjoy a heart attack hamburger.

Where are the best hamburgers in Spain prepared?

José Portas and Carlos Ronda founded Discarlux in 2005 and now operates in supermarkets, grocery stores and many restaurants in Spain. The meat of this company is in the history of one of the best hamburgers prepared in Madrid.

In Bistroteca de Madrid you can taste “la palma” hamburger, who received the award for “The best gourmet burger in Spain 2021 & rdquo;. The true delicacy is prepared with 100% ‘Dry aged’ Marela beef from Discarlux. vanessa san josephThe chef and owner together with Alexandra Galvis of Bistroteca talks about the secret Good products and love when made. “The quality is important for the result to be perfect. Of course, you also need to know how to fix it, since a good product that is not properly fixed can damage the dishes & rdquo;, he said.

The Bistro it is The best hamburger in town. 180 g of matured Galician meat, 14-month cheddar cheese, fried onions flambéed with bourbon, bacon Hyper crispy smoked meat and Korean chili sauce with smoked butter.

When it comes to preparing a good burger, many people overlook certain things. Saint Joseph said to Always use good quality meat although it also suggests something else. “The cheese or other ingredients must be well chosen and the sauce must not be abused. This can affect the rest of the flavor & rdquo;, said the chef of Bistroteca.

Do you want to know too Prepare your own gourmet burger at home? With Discarlux it’s easier than ever. Go inside their website and in a period of 48 and 72 hours you can have the best raw materials on the market in your home.

Get BBQ for 2 packs now (1 beef steak (0.7KG) + 0.5KG lady churrasco + 1 Creole chorizo ​​​​​​​​+ 1 homemade chorizo ​​​​​​​​+ chistorra) for only €45.90, (25% discount on original price), plus the code “twopi”.

In addition, you can continue to enjoy the best Disarlux meat at the best price by taking advantage of all these discount.

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