10 places to eat in Buenos Aires

Korean Fried Chicken Burger

Korean fried chicken burger.jpg

In Paternal you will find experiencea modern restaurant created by a Korean couple of Pedro Rim and Claudia Kangwho revolutionized the concept of “food” with a typical food from their native land: chikin (or Korean fried chicken).

The couple devoted a lot of research and testing to perfect the recipe until they reached the right product: juicy chicken with additional layers – a special house of powder rice and starch – which shines in six versions and is part of combos with different. sauces and accompaniments.

Those Chicken Combo take a hamburger Crispy chicken with a wonderful crispness and tender heart, tomato slices, caramelized onions, lettuce and Magic sauce (based on mustard, lemon juice and sugar) of potato bread. It is accompanied by waffle potatoes (grill type, baked) and hot sauce made with ground chili and spices. To taste in its spacious place with tables on the sidewalk, interior room and large terrace surrounded by greenery. They also offer delivery.

Address: Terrero 1525, Paternal.

Salmon Dill Lemon Burger

Salmon, dill and lemon burger.jpg

In the boulangerie menu Gontran Cherry draws attention to red salmon, dill and lemon burger served on an artisanal brioche bun with arugula, cilantro dressing and roasted lemons. A small and fresh option with baked potatoes marinated with curry and Parmesan cheese. Available at its headquarters in Belgrano and Palermo with an open and airy atmosphere that takes you directly to Paris.

Address: Zabala 1901, Belgrano / Malabia 1805, Palermo / Mercado de los Carruajes, Retiro.

Haddock and prawn burger, etc

Haddock and prawn burger, salmon and more.jpeg

For this Burger Day, the restaurant of Patio de Lecheros will prepare a special hamburger of the day with fries for $ 850. There will be haddock and prawns, salmon in “sushiburger” style, with a chorizo. ​medallion, a special lamb with Halloumi cheese, chicken and bacon, and a choice of portobello mushrooms with smoked aubergine.

Milk Plastic. Address: Donato Álvarez 175, Caballito.

Hamburger with a combination of roast beef, entrails and chorizo

Hamburger with a mixture of roast beef, entrails and chorizo.jpg

Joe’s is a San Isidro restaurant that specializes in North American cuisine. For World Hamburger Day they specially created those Joe’s Burger eggs together a 250 grams of medallion meat (roast beef mixture, entrails, chorizo ​​​​and spices), cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and fried onion rings, wrapped in bacon and served with onion rings.

Address: Av. Fondo de la Legua 340, San Isidro.

Burger with an American accent

Burger with an American accent

The most requested are those with American sounding names, eg Butter Wisconsin (white medallion, cheddar, onion reduced in Porter beer and spiced butter in classic potato bread), the do bbq (double medallion, double cheddar, barbecue fish, fried onion rings, crispy bacon and fried mozzarella sticks on sesame potato bread), and the pull piggy (double medallion, double cheddar, braised and shredded bondiola, crispy bacon, crispy onion and barbecue sauce on lactal bread).

where to eat? Craft breweryl The Warehouse of Tacuara there are some 16 types of hamburgers, classic and new options with one, two and up to three home made meat medallions served on classic potatoes, with sesame seeds or with cheese and they are still available. hamburger in a lactal bun. Address: Av. Juramento 2781, Belgrano / Av. Francisco Beiró 3410, Villa Devoto / Gral. Arias 710, San Fernando / Many branches in General Pacheco, Belén de Escobar, Rosario, San Miguel de Tucumán.

Beef, lamb or plant-based burger

Beef, lamb or plant-based burger

The likes are cheeseburger (smashed beef with double cheddar, Thousand Island sauce and red onion on potato bread), the Oklahoma Double Fried Onion Burger (double burger smashed with grilled onions Oklahoma style, double cheddar and roasted garlic aioli on potato bread) and the Triple Lamb (three medallions of lamb, grilled mozzarella, arugula pesto, smoked aubergine sauce and fresh arugula on Parmesan bread). All served with home fries.

where to eat? Every Monday and Tuesday Growlers celebrates “Burger Day” with a special burger of the day for a special price of $350. Address: Av. Santa Fe 1430, Recoleta / Gurruchaga 1450 esq. part made Col. Cabrer, Palermo / Cuba 2202, corner. Mendoza, Belgrano / El Salvador 5602, Palermo Hollywood / Perón 489, San Nicolás / Olleros 3750, Chacarita.

Grilled burger

Grilled hamburger.jpg

Homemade medallions with the flavor of cooking on the grill, served on homemade potatoes. The Porteña Burger stands (two medallions, ham, cheese, grilled egg and mayo-chimi sauce), the Blue Burger (two medallions, creamy blue cheese, caramelized onions, roasted tomatoes and fresh arugula) and the special Veggie Burger (beet and aduki medallion, lettuce, tomato, red onion, sweet and sour cucumbers and handmade barbecue). They are served with French fries or a green salad.

where to eat? Flowers. Address: Edison 10, Martínez / Av. Maipú 2501, Olivos / Av. Libertador 16246, San Isidro / Constitución 1002, San Fernando.

Burger with sour cream

Burger with sour cream

Roast beef with cheddar and crispy bacon; roast beef with blue cheese and caramelized onions; and beans with arugula and aioli. All three can order once or twice. The house burgers have homemade dressing, served on brioche bread baked on the day and accompanied by rustic cut potatoes.

where to eat? Beerhof. Uncovered sectors and other roofs. Address: Nicaragua 4427, Palermo.

Burger with choice of beef

Burger with choice of steer meat.jpg

Burgers made with choice cuts of steers, served on soft and light potatoes. the blunt Triple Frontier It has three types of meat and three types of cheese: it has three small house (450 grams total), cheddar, provolone, tybo and alioli sauce. For a more classic but equally strong choice, the Creole It has a 150-gram medallion, cheddar cheese, fried egg, roasted bell pepper, crispy bacon and chimichurri. The list is complete with international options such as Mexicanthose Italian and those France, among other things. All of them are served with a portion of French fries.

where to eat? La Vaquería is the truck of Canta El Gallo grill. Address: Av de los Lagos 7010, Nordelta Shopping Center, Tigre.

Roast beef burger, baked and baked cover

100% handmade hamburgers are made with mix of roast beef, roast and roast tapas, and was presented in potato breads with fried. The recommended building is Burger Junkyard which has a medallion of 180 grams, cheddar, crispy bacon, crispy onion, lettuce, tomato and homemade barbecue.

They also have Vegetarian and vegan options: Veggie Burger (gift of lentils with cheddar, roasted tomato, crispy onion, arugula and roasted carrot mayonnaise) and Not Burger Vegana (double NotCo medallion with red onion, cucumber pickles, tomato, lettuce and lime NotMayo) .

where to eat? Desarmadero Bar Address: Gorriti 4295, Palermo.


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