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“Our animals do not know how to read” and it is true, if our dog, cat or small mouse knew, they would pay special attention to the labels on their nutritious food … and also As customers we take care of ourselves. diet and try not to be successful … Why don’t we do the same with our animals? From Edgard & Cooper in these words: Fresh and natural food Equally healthy and happy dog. In shape and like people, dogs, for example, to have iron health, growth, strength and the best body, in addition to exercise, health and health is important. Feeding your pet with poor quality food will damage its digestive system and can cause suffering. lack of nutrients, vitamins and minerals causing illness and harming your overall health. Following a natural diet will favor your body and its defenses, prevent disease and future problems. Another thing to take into account is the happiness of the animal. In the case of dogs, they like to eat a lot, so it is important to take into account the feed smell, which will improve remarkably the more natural and better it is. In the case of hand, candy or small surprises to be bet on Good stuff since it is not only dependent on rewarding our animals; but at the same time, as we say, provide vitamins and nutrients. At Edgar & Cooper there are many snacks in paper chicken, duck and chicken and beef and lamb sticks. Besides the delicious beef, also chicken and duck and lamb and beef (from € 6.99 approx.).

Home made croquettes

Haute cuisine has also reached our pets. This is the case of ‘Solo de croquettes’, it is a newly established company that provides this delicious food not only for people; they also remember our animals. If it’s about make homemade croquettes Be special to our hair. The price of one box is €13.50 (30 units) and the delivery is made throughout the peninsula through its online store.

These croquettes are made from chicken breast, carrot, chicken broth and potatoes. You don’t need to fry them because the oil doesn’t sit well with dogs. When it’s time to put them – not all at once can be frozen – they just need to be heatede 30 seconds in the microwave or directly eat them raw. In the words of Eduardo Gambero, find partner of this company «We do not want to leave our best friends without enjoying this health. That’s why we have created, with the help of veterinarians, special croquettes for dogs, all natural ingredients and healthy for them. Also, if you like to eat with your dog leave the housein one of his two restaurants in Madrid (Reina Victoria, 15 and Echegaray, 5) and when he lives the experience, you taste those that have been shared with you from a variety of 30 to choose from.

Fruit basket for small mouse

Hamsters, guinea pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits and even chinchillas, they can enjoy when taking vitamins. So we have GimBi Cestini (€2.29). It is about one snacks for crunchy plant-based mice. It is best to complete the food of your small animal and make their food nutritious, providing additional food that helps their food to be complete and balanced. Also, he likes good digestionhelps to wear teeth thanks to its skin consistency.

Bakery at your service

With the right ingredients for them, the cake shop It also depends on the service of our animals. It can be surprising and not everyone sees it with the same eyes but… Who has not been bitter about “sweet”? Our loyal friends deserve more than the snacks or gifts they sell in pet stores and supermarkets. For some time now, small businesses have been popping up wherever you can find them cookies, yogurts, donuts, muffins and even mini cakes. All horizons are suitable for the quality of the flavor of our animals. Their owners are attracted by the color and design, while they, our four-legged friends, like the aroma. Everything is done in a way handicrafts. Yeast is not used and even in some of these establishments you can order, for example, biscuits suitable for the needs of the animal, because, as we discussed at the time, the process Allergy to gluten is not the heritage of people, but also. they can get it. In addition to street vendors – fun and colorful neighborhood stores – you can buy them online. Of course, this method has an additional cost for shipping. “Miguitas”, cheese and yogurts. The specifics are muffins, mini tarts, donuts and cookies. All these elaborated in an artisanal way without additives, flavourings, antioxidants or preservatives and suitable for dogs and cats. As in the case of cheeses or yogurts, sno lactose, salt or saturated fat.

At number 32, Calle Calatrava in Seville, a colorful center runs by Antonio Peralta: do you want more followers?. cookies, yogurts, ice creams, shakes and all kinds of dehydrated food, created only for four-legged users. It is the first Seville Pet Bakery and he prepares all kinds of food according to their dietary needs. These special desserts have among their ingredients liver or chicken breast and various fruits. All without a hint of sugar, salt or yeast. Those roscones de reyesThey make a real impression of Christmas. For curiosity’s sake we will say that the word Waniyanpi means “animals» in Native American. In addition to building the body, it also has the services of an online store, finally, there are “Snouts” that promise a variety of cereals. This Barcelona company was born with the idea and the clear goal of making 100% natural treatments available to owners and their dogs without additives or antibiotics. It is located at Calle Lepanto, 339. It is a dream of its owner to combine love for animals with sweets. But not so, but this The company cooperates with animal charities, shelters and protectors.

100% natural hamburgers

A few weeks ago we talked about BARF: The revolution of natural food for dogs and cats or what is the only diet of «The Best Foods». It is a model that leads to a conversation in the world of animals.

This diet is based on the principle: to follow the diet of our hair in their original state. In other words, these foods use nutrients 100% natural and raw, avoid any additives, preservatives or ultra-processed that your body is not ready. Wild Balance is one of the pioneer companies in this revolutionary way of feeding our dogs and cats. What to do? Give their advice in the form of 50 g of mini burgers. They are easy to service and adjust according to the size of the customer. They are presented in a ziplock bag where they can be removed when they are used (so don’t throw them away). You just have to defrost and … eat.

food regulations

Food for Joe, health for our pets (dogs and cats). With a community that already has about 2,300 buyers who receive their monthly newsletter.

These are individual foods, cooked at low temperatures, 100% natural and fresh ingredients (such as chicken, turkey, pork and beef) and prepared by a nutritionist.

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