Australis Seafoods is aimed at younger consumers

Chile: Through its new Mama Bear Brand, the salmon farmer wants to attract families with children, the millennial generation, both in Chile and in the industrialized world.

In the middle of the Seafood Expo North America 2022, held in the United States, Australis Seafoods launched “Mama Bear from Southring”, a new brand aimed at the business segment that has experienced great growth in the international shopping: domestic consumption and, in particular. , of families with children.

In this, Jorge Goles, Manager of Sales & Marketing and Productivity of Australis Seafoods, gives details to Salmonexpert about his plans with the youngest buyers.

For which market will the new brand launched for destined?
Mama Bear is a brand that has an international reach, so we want it to be available in foreign markets, but it is also very important for Australis Seafoods that it is in Chile.

How important is it to reach children and young people with salmon? Is it possible to reach the target audience?
Very important! At Australis Seafoods, we believe it is important to create a positive message for young people. First, because salmon is a healthy and nutritious protein due to its content of Omega-3, proteins, vitamins and minerals, which makes it important especially for children and the youth eat it.

Second, because we face the global challenge of increasing the consumption of food that has the responsibility of the environment and, the salmon, in addition to being delicious and healthy, can create was more than other proteins in important indicators such as efficiency of conversion, water and carbon footprint.

Now, what are the health benefits of children and young people?
Market research shows that in the last two years of the epidemic, salmon has exhibited extraordinary growth in the market, due to the greater awareness of consumers know the importance of health. This phenomenon is especially marked in Millennial customers and people who have children, so we believe that they are very good customers and will have it in their lives.

What are the standards that will be associated with this type, which makes it happy for children and families with children?
Mama Bear’s recommendation is to provide interesting presentations for families with children, so the focus is on healthy, fun, but also practical and easy to cook . In this way, Mama Bear for the first time decided our presentation of frozen products: hamburgers, cubes and portions, made with quality raw materials and 100% without seal.

What are the sales plans you have with this new name?
We launched Mama Bear at the Boston Fair, one of the most important events in the industry where retailers and vendors from North America and major markets are present. There have already been discussions with many of them, so we hope that customers in the United States, Chile and other countries will soon find Mama Bear products in their favorite stores.

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