Chicken and Turkey Burger Recipe @chefkoldo Tik Tok

Ingredients for Chicken and Turkey Burger recipe @Chefkoldo Tik Tok


400 g minced chicken

400 g minced turkey meat

4 gardens

1 spring onion





green pepper


Sherry Vinegar

Brown sugar

Red pepper

olive oil


sliced ​​cheese


4 hamburger buns


Chicken And Chicken Burger Making @Chefkoldo Tik Tok


Turkey Turkey Burger Recipe Koldo Royo Tik Tok Afuegolento 2

In a bowl, mix two meats, chopped onion, parsley, salt and pepper

Add a little cream, mix and like

Separate the yolks and the whites
We make the meat, put the egg in the middle of each hamburger and close it
We leave it in the fridge for a while to let the meat rest.

We cook the bacon on the grill, so that it turns out well browned

Caramelize onions with sugar and vinegar

Next, we will take the peppers and let them cook

Open the bread and bake them slowly.

We grill the hamburgers and, when we turn them, we put a piece of cheese on top of the part that has already been made so that it melts.

In a frying pan, we fry the egg whites (similar to how we fry a whole egg, but in this case, we only do the egg whites)

Assemble the hamburger in this order: on the base we put the onion and peppers mix, on top, the hamburger, then bacon and, on top, egg white, and slice the mushrooms on top , cover and eat.

This burger does not need special sauce.


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