America’s Best, According to Foodies

Are you a lover? burgers? USA there are thousands of restaurants where you can enjoy many of these disheswith many meat and a cheese or vegan burger.

Every year hundreds of thousands burgers in the American Union and the chains that make more money from the sale of these foods with McDonald’sWendy’s and Burger King.

The importance of this food is such that the United States celebrates it National Burger Day every August 25. On this day, restaurants take the opportunity to give promotions to their guests.

The creation of Burger today is attributed to the brothers Frank and Charles Menches. These brothers, originally from Ohio, participated in the Erie County Fair in 1885, but could not present their pork sausage sandwich and replaced the ground beef they called Burgerin honor of the Erie Fair, Hamburg, in New York.

The creation of Menches conquered the diners and its popularity quickly spread throughout the country.

However, food experts have them burgers love in USA and these are some:

Pizza Love Emily (New York)

Experts evaluate Burger by chef Matthew Hyland is one of the best in the country for the flavor of its beef, the size of cheddar cheese, Korean chili sauce and caramelized onions that it includes. Also, its special touch is the pretzel bread that covers all the ingredients.

Those dishes is the exception that a New York restaurant shows on its menu that it refuses to change an item on the menu. Burger.

Price: 31 dollars.

Henry’s Majestic (Dallas)

Texas is known for it burgers happy and there are some places that stand out for the flavor of their dishes, such as Henry’s Majestic.

In this restaurant You will enjoy yourself with Spiked Burger made with juicy akaushi meat, from Japanese beef, added with cheddar cheese, bacon, caramelized onions and brioche bread.

Price: 16 dollars.

Au Cheval (Chicago)

Those who want a lot to please will find their perfect dish at Au Cheval. Those restaurant give a Burger very large with a thick medallion of meat, melted cheese, a little spice and delicious crusty bread.

Because of its size, the company sends the hamburger with a knife stuck in the hole so that diners can eat it without any problem.

Price: 15 dollars.

Zombie Burger (Des Moines)

Do you feel intimidated by a Burger? In Zombie Burger you will find one dishes that will surprise you from the moment they bring it to your table and until the last bite, because of its proportions.

Zombie Burger has meat, bacon, chicken, beef, onion and melted cheese, with a fluffy bun and “zombie sauce” that not everyone can finish.

Price: $11.50.

Chronis Famous Sandwich Shop (Los Angeles)

If you want something spicy, in this restaurant you will find it delicious chiliburger with more than 100 years of history.

This grilled food is made with a thick layer of chili, which has very hot peppers and is finished with tomatoes and lettuce.

Price: 7 dollars.

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