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The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Food (Aesan) has released more information about the removal of some chicken burgers produced in December after the announcement. the occurrence of salmonellosis that affected 14 people in two nursing homes of the community of Madrid.

“The notification of the food warning information was received on December 7 by the official service of the warning network of the Community of Madrid for reasons. the presence of Salmonella in a raw product (chicken burger meat) After taking samples taken from various foods that are part of the diet of the affected people,” explains AESAN.

The organization confirmed that “appropriate investigations have been carried out, including those carried out by the Community of Madrid in the manufacturing company to verify the safety of the products from of him.” However, today, Unable to link this particular infected item with the consequences that occur in residential buildings.

What AESAN clearly shows is that these hamburgers not sold directly to end consumers in the market. “The product is distributed through the wholesale channel in packages of 6,800 kg, and used for further processing.. Both the manufacturer and the distribution company have notified their customers (the companies they have sold) so that the product can be withdrawn from the market.

The regulatory body knows that this removal is “supervised by the management” through the “notification network”, and that “the actions of the companies and the competent people of the tag all communities Autonomous regions that have been divided, do. la destroy the last word that we of the subtraction.”

Also, there is no communication no one else is affected by taking the product backAESAN considers that the action is “adequate and balanced in order to protect the health of the population”.

“Since the target of the product has been the wholesale channel and not the end consumer, the information is published in the regulatory framework and is not considered mandatory warning about the presence in the market of products that may cause interference. dangerous for health”, they concluded.

Salmonella food warning

Those Salmonella it is one of the diseases that cause many food warnings, such as those Listeria, another dangerous disease that was warned last month when it was found in some popular snacks. I know It is a disease that exhibits good adaptation to the environment as well survive in a diverse environment for months and even years. “It can survive at different temperatures, from 5ºC to 45ºC, with the best temperature being 35-37ºC and it can survive in a wide range of pH”, explained Aesan.

Salmonellosis caused by eating raw or spoiled food: “HEggs and raw eggs or raw foodraw or undercooked meat, especially chicken, as well as milk and dairy products not subject to treatment that removes Salmonella; contaminated water, fruits and vegetables,” said the organization.

The disease caused by salmonella is caused by fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, headache, myalgia and other diseases. “Mostly, Symptoms of salmonellosis are mild and patients recover without special treatment. However, in some cases, especially for children and the elderly, dehydration from the disease can be severe and life-threatening. “

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