Zucchini and turkey burgers: a simple recipe

These turkey and zucchini burgers They are a vice and are the best choice for a healthy dinner or fast food. We all love hamburgers, big or small, at this time good barbecue is important. We can achieve the ends we need for our daily lives, with the help of some simple ingredients. Turkey breast has never been better in this type of preparation. We will give it the juiciness it needs with the help of a zucchini that we certainly have in the fridge. Enjoy trying the best zucchini and turkey burgers of the time.


  • 1 zucchini
  • 200 g of chicken breast
  • 30 g of almonds
  • 30 g of grated cheese
  • Spices: cumin, pepper and whatever you like the most
  • 1 garden
  • How to prepare some zucchini and turkey burgers

    1. This recipe comes from turkey and zucchini burgers They have no secrets. The most difficult part will include getting the right raw materials to achieve what we want.
    2. We have hand work with vegetables. It’s a great way to get the whole family to eat these ingredients.
    3. If we replace zucchini with some carrots we can get two types hamburgers with this product Hug.
    4. We start by washing the zucchini well, you can leave the skin or not. In fact, this expansion will depend on everyone.
    5. If we choose to leave the skinwe just leave the skin and get down to work grating it.
    6. Put grated zucchini in the colander.. Drain well and let it remove excess liquid with a little salt.
    7. Chicken breast, we just wash them and remove the skin they have. We can use any kind of turkey meat that we have.
    8. We cut very well or shred the turkey breast. In this way we will be able to create the basis of good snacks.
    9. We mix with zucchini that will release our juice. We knead well, before incorporating the spices to taste.
    10. We can provide the brand that we like. Season with salt and pepper and add the egg to the mixture to give it the desired consistency.
    11. We create hamburgers and we will have them ready to cook for them. We can make them on the grill, in the oven or in the air fryer.
    12. With a little of homemade mayonnaise and a good bread We will create a wonderful bite in every way.

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