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In Murcia we can also enjoy hamburgers produced by Carlos MaldonadoChef winner of the TV show Master Chef in 2015 and awarded a Michelin star at his restaurant “Raíces” in Talavera de la Reina.

“The Circle” is your destination for gourmet burgers which since this summer is available in Murcia. Yes, just stay at home through apps like Glovo, Uber Eats or Just Eat.

They bet on a simple letter, just about five signature burgers with a combination that is surprising, fresh and windy and its price changes between €13 and €15. They themselves mean letters “for lovers of liquid, sticking and dripping.”

These ideas are:

  • LustPairing: Beef burger with fried egg, smoked bacon, melted cheese, with an enveloping truffle carbonara sauce, arugula and crispy onions.
  • Being badPairing: Double Burger with our best meat, double melted cheese, two crispy onion rings, with American barbecue sauce.
  • RebellionPairing: Beef burger with cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, smoked bacon bolognese and mozzarella.
  • Heresy: Two lamb burgers, with melted cheddar cheese, served on a brioche with a marked half donut and herb salad dressed with curry yogurt sauce and tapenade.
  • LimboPairing: Free-range chicken burger with Thai spices. With jalapeños, lettuce, guacamole and cheese sauce.

The finished food comes from potatoes Fraud, Provencal potato wedges with melted cheeses, smoked bacon and “Madrileña” tripe with lemongrass; and sweets Paradisebrioche French toast with white chocolate sauce, pepper, juniper, ginger, and pepper.

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