Traditional foods of Independence Day in the United States that you can celebrate

On the 4th of July, most Americans celebrate Independence Day with a picnic, barbecue, or picnic.According to Statista data.

Hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, fried chicken, baked beans, potato salad, deviled eggs and corn on the cob are some of the most popular foods on Independence Day. There are also dishes that they celebrate in some regions of the country.

1. Salmon and peas

Salmon and peas is a family tradition in New England for the 4th of July. New England Today explains that the annual migration of salmon in New England rivers from the Atlantic makes them a source of protein for summer residents.

“Ripening peas in late June made an obvious choice for a delicious and healthy meal, and then many New Englanders added new potatoes (small, sweet potatoes fresh of everything) from eating,” he said in the middle.

2. hot dogs

Hot dogs
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Salmon and peas is a family tradition in New England for the 4th of July. On July 4th, Americans eat a lot of hot dogs, about 150 millionas told by The Pioneer Woman.

If you like sausages, in addition to hot dogs, you can prepare other dishes such as banderillas, drunken sausages, lasagna sausages or sausages with pasta.

3. Burgers

A couple eats a hamburger
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Hamburgers are one of the most popular fast foods in the United States, but are also a classic at home barbecues. If you want to prepare your burgers from scratch, here is a step-by-step guide to making them.

If you want to eat something different, you can try salmon burgers or enjoy vegan burgers made from chickpeas.

4. BBQ

Pork ribs
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Barbecue is a classic 4th of July meal. The history of barbecue has its roots in the cooking traditions of the indigenous people.

“The historian Joseph Haynes has shown that the English settlers in Virginia combined their meat-cooking with the meat-smoking method of Powhatan. This is how the barbecue was born or…”, shares Fortune.

BBQ sauce is the king of sauces for grilled meat. Here is a recipe to prepare homemade BBQ.

5. Grilled potatoes

grilled potatoes
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Grilled potatoes are a perfect accompaniment to a satisfying carne asada. Potatoes can be prepared in many ways, a simple and tasty recipe is just potatoes, salt, rosemary and oil.

6. Apple pie

Fruit-stuffed pies are a 4th of July tradition. Although it was not originally developed in the United States, Apple pie is known as a traditional American dessert.
Here is a simple recipe to prepare apple pie at home.

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